Which Are the Most Transformative Real-Time UK Startups in 2023?

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The United Kingdom is a boiling pot for innovative startups, contributing significantly to the digital landscape, particularly in the realm of real-time data processing and services. This piece will spotlight some intriguing real-time startups in the UK, showcasing how they shape their industries through cutting-edge solutions. From farming to cybersecurity, this list covers a range of sectors where real-time data manipulation is proving pivotal.

As information becomes more accessible, consumers and businesses alike demand instant analysis, leading to a rise in real-time applications and platforms. Indeed, these businesses are revolutionising their fields, providing instantaneous insights into vast data sets, immediate recommendations and predictive analytics.

For every startup listed below, you will find a brief background, the industries they cover and the brilliant minds founded them. Each of these startups is pushing the boundaries of what’s conceivable with real-time technologies, reshaping industries and offering users remarkable, immediate value.


Shelfalytics gives retailers and distributors real-time analytics. The platform offers solutions in the realm of Analytics, Real Time, and Sales. Founded by Constantin Prijilevschi, Serghei Alexei, and Valentin Prijilevschi, this startup aims to digitize retail analytics.

Urban Hawk

At the forefront of the data revolution is Urban Hawk. Industry pioneers James Murphy and Robert Sugar have established a startup aimed at transforming data into business opportunities. With its broad industry coverage, including Geospatial, Predictive Analytics, and Real Time, Urban Hawk provides a comprehensive suite of data services.

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Sano Genetics

Sano Genetics is a unique personalised medicine research platform centred around data privacy and transparency. Charlotte Guzzo, Patrick Short, and William Jones have tackled sectors like Biotechnology, Healthcare, and Real Time to provide a revolutionary platform for personalised medicine.


A cloud-based workforce management solution, MiSentinel offers Scheduling, Reporting, Tracking & Lone Worker services. It operates mainly in the realms of Apps, Real Time, and SaaS.


Founded by Abhishek Sen and Chris Watts, NumberEight leverages on-device AI software to predict user context using mobile sensors. Its applications extend across Artificial Intelligence, Gaming, Mobile Advertising, and Real Time industries.


With a focus on improving technical discussions, GitLive offers a messaging and code collaboration platform. The brainchild of Friedrich Coen and Nick Bransby-Williams, GitLive is a significant contributor to the Collaboration, Real Time, and Software sectors.


OPTIfarm, led by David Speller, provides smart farming services and real-time recommendations. This startup is making considerable strides in the Agriculture, Farming, and Real-Time sectors.

Vounder Analytics

Vounder Analytics is a consultancy providing data implementation, application programming interfaces, and real-time analytic services, operating primarily in the Analytics, Apps, and Real-Time sectors.


Flumaion furnishes risk analytics including mathematical modelling and coding. Predominantly working in the Analytics and Real Time domain, Flumaion is focused on offering competitive risk analysis solutions.

Sauron Security

Big data players Sauron Security, founded by Nikola Cvetkovic and Vladan Todorovic, has developed a smart cybersecurity surveillance system specialising in real time detection & remediation of cyber attacks on IoT devices.


Stafftimer, the creation of Haroon Ahmed, tracks employee work hours and offers monitoring services. Its industry focus is predominantly in Artificial Intelligence, Real Time, and SaaS.

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Catering to real-time social media trends, PicFog is a real-time image search platform that displays pictures from Twitter as they are posted. Its primary focus is on Apps, Real Time, and Search Engine industries.


Established by Paul Foster, OnePlan is a real-time platform that provides a comprehensive bundle of event planning, design, and management tools. Its main industry dimensions are Events, Real Time, and Software.

Sport Buff

The sports broadcasting scene is being reinvented by Sport Buff, offering real-time fan engagement via gamification. Benn Achilleas and Jonty Whitehead helm this startup that competes in the Broadcasting, Gaming, and Real Time sectors.


Enhancing real estate performance, Utopi offers a real-time IoT data integration platform. It operates mainly in the Data Integration, Internet of Things, and Real Time sectors with a focus on enhancing ESG and building performance.

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