Which Are the Most Influential Crowdfunding Startups in England Today?

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To thrive in today’s economy, start-ups increasingly depend on alternative financing models, such as crowdfunding. This has led to the rise of numerous innovative crowdfunding-based businesses in the United Kingdom. This article will spotlight 15 English companies taking the lead in the crowdfunding sector, covering a broad range of industries from blockchain to social entrepreneurship.

Crowdfunding has democratized the funding landscape, permitting everyone from individuals to businesses to raise funds for almost any purpose. With the landscape constantly evolving and growing, these 15 startups represent exciting progress and potential across diverse sectors.

In this list, you’ll notice a mix of pure crowdfunding platforms, businesses leveraging crowdfunding for their operations, and those providing services to enhance the crowdfunding experience.


GivingStreets is an innovative platform powered by blockchain technology, which enables cashless donations. This startup is cleverly using FinTech and blockchain to revolutionise the charity giving experience. Founded by Dimitris Dres and Dimitris Vassiliadis, the platform functions at the junction of blockchain, FinTech, mobile payments, and social impact.


FACE DONATE is the brainchild of Alberto De Biasio and Alexandr Kulakov, working to make giving more personal. The social good network connects individuals in need with willing contributors, aiming to humanise the process of charity giving.

Vertex Market

Vertex Market is a peer-to-peer (P2P) trading platform for cryptocurrencies. Founded by Alessandro Pecorelli, the platform is part of the larger trend of decentralised finance, facilitating financial transactions through blockchain and FinTech applications.

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Gallium Ventures

Gallium Ventures, led by Heather Delaney, is a communications consultancy that supports startups to large listed companies globally. It caters to companies seeking strategic communication services, PR, social media marketing and more, many of whom are also users of crowdfunding platforms to raise capital.

QuoinStone Investment Management

QuoinStone Investment Management was co-founded by Steve Howling and Tim Struth. It is a value-focused real estate investor using crowdfunding to finance property development and management projects.


Atvine is an e-commerce store selling sustainable products. Its business model utilizes crowdfunding to connect sustainable brands directly with their target consumers. Discover Atvine and its unique, eco-friendly products.


SqGrowth, co-founded by Ali Rizvi and Aziz Sharif, offers a disruptive funding solution for developing markets. Their model uses crowdfunding to provide much-needed financial services to under-funded regions.

The Crowdfunding Agency

The Crowdfunding Agency provides specialized advertising services to enhance the success of your crowdfunding campaign. Their model supports start-ups looking to leverage crowdfunding for capital.


Beabacker, founded by Luke Stephenson, is a crowdfunding platform specifically designed for content creators across various media. From music to video games, BEABACKER supports creators in getting their projects off the ground.


ArtSquare.io is the brainchild of Fabrizio D’Aloia and Francesco Guinicelli. This unique crowdfunding startup transforms the way people invest in fine art, reducing barriers to entry in the art market.


Fundzzle, founded by Catherine White and Michael Brown, combines invitation services, group gifts and charity fundraising into a single eco-friendly platform. It’s a clever twist on the typical crowdfunding model.

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Trolley offers a simple and innovative solution for businesses to take payments from any website, without a need for coding or servers. It’s a powerful tool for crowdfunding campaigns looking to streamline transactions.


Loanhood provides a sustainable retail solution for clothing items. From wedding attire to streetwear, the platform leverages crowdfunding to reduce the negative impact of fast fashion on the environment.

InTech Ventures

InTech Ventures offers software services for start-up and enterprise clients seeking private equity financing. Their services help businesses efficiently navigate the crowdfunding process.


WhatWeWant, created by Dimitris Fafalios and Yiannis Fafalios, is a crowdfunding app allowing users to contribute to virtually any goal. The app democratizes crowdfunding, broadening the range of viable fundraising campaigns.

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