Which British Dating Startups are Revolutionising UK’s Relationship Scene?

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While the world has gone digital by leaps and bounds, one sector that has seen exponential growth owing to this transformative trend is the online dating industry. Startups from all over the world are leveraging technology to help people connect in new and innovative ways. In the UK, numerous startups have emerged in this space, each with their own unique twist on dating and relationships. In this article, we will showcase some of the most exciting and interesting dating startups based in England.

These startups are not just about moderation and simplicity, they bring along innovations and value propositions. Their business ideas echo the nonchalant attitude of millennials and Gen Z towards dating. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the interesting UK-based dating startups that are adding a new spin to the world of online dating, helping people connect in more meaningful ways than ever before.

Each dating startup mentioned in this article reflects both the diversity and the creativity of the UK’s business ecosystem in the realm of dating and relationships. While some solutions aim to elevate standard dating experiences, others focus on specific areas like blind dates, over 50s dating, or helping couples navigate their relationships. Prepare to witness the innovative colours of digital romance.


Founded by Edward Harvey, Sean Ferriter, and Tom Buzzard, Reveal is a location-based social and dating application. It is specifically designed to facilitate communication between interested users, giving them an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals in their vicinity. Based in the dating and mobile apps industry, Reveal is presenting a new way of encountering and interacting with potential partners.

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Developed by Jack Barham, HappyGo is an innovative dating application that sets up blind dates for its users. The unique selling point of HappyGo is its ability to pair users with people they share mutual friends with on Facebook, adding an extra layer of safety and familiarity to the blind dating experience.


Meetro is not just a dating application but also serves as a travel companion for its users. This unique blend of dating and navigation is what makes Meetro an industry standout. However, the founders and their innovative minds behind this unique idea choose to stay anonymous.

Mai Tai Group

Mai Tai Group takes a bespoke approach to dating. This members-only service is designed to bring together professional Londoners in an environment tailored to their busy lives. Although the founder’s details are not disclosed, the company’s distinctive approach appears to be finding favour with its target market.

OTP London Ltd

OTP London Ltd is a tech startup founded by Alan Engele and an undisclosed partner. They are software publishers of OTP.AR WORLD App, a dating & social networking application harnessing the power of Augmented Reality, Big Data, and ICT technologies.


Thursday is a dating app conceived by David Sutherland, George Rawlings, and Matthew McNeill Love. It aims to solve problems created by spending too much time on dating apps, by focusing on quality connections and bringing honesty and authenticity back into online dating.

The One

Founded by Jack Jaworski, The One is a mobile app for online dating that systematically matches two strangers. The startup hails from the dating and mobile apps industry and is revolutionizing the game through its unique algorithm that ensures improved matching.

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Brezaa is a dating app created by Sol Ade, integrating fun interactive game features to facilitate easier social engagement. Its playful approach makes the experience of meeting new people and getting to know them less daunting and more enjoyable.


Meetual is an online dating platform designed by Anton Firth and Praveen Prathapan. It leverages the advantages of social networking to connect people online and create professional networks, showcasing the convergence of dating and professional networking.


An app-only dating platform, Lumen is specifically designed for singles over 50. Founders Antoine Argouges and Charly Lester created Lumen to address the lack of suitable platforms for mature dating, focusing on providing a secure and enjoyable dating experience for this demographic.


Led by Kevin Shanahan, Paired aims to help couples navigate their relationship by providing the steps needed to improve their relationship each day. It lives at the intersection of dating and personal development, offering unique features such as expert advice and daily couples’ quizzes.


Zodier, a chatbot-powered dating app founded by Mathew Gramovich and Slava Kalevich, is integrated into popular messenger platforms across various social media channels. It offers an innovative and smooth experience, highlighting how technology can make dating more engaging and efficient.

Blind Cupid

With its name reflecting its mission, Blind Cupid is a dating app that uses systematic philosophy and artificial intelligence to match users based on their values. Founded by Alexander Mitchell, the app serves as a testament to how AI can revolutionize the dating industry.


Enriching conversations and relationships using AI is what MeetCute, founded by Bobby Tang, specializes in. The use of technologies like Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning algorithms reflect how AI is rapidly being integrated into the world of digital dating.

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BARE: Dating Less Serious

Founded by Alex Sergent, Gillian Myhill, and Phil Beesley, BARE emphasizes less seriousness in dating. It provides a platform where women can share their pictures in a secure and enjoyable manner. BARE has steered clear of the traditional dating app approach to make the experience more user-friendly and less stressful.

In conclusion, these startups are painting a vibrant picture of the UK’s dating landscape. They all reflect a move towards a more technologically integrated, adaptive, and user-specific approach to dating. It’s exciting to anticipate what other innovations these and other enterprising UK startups will bring to the world of online dating in the future.

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