Which Leeds IT Startups Are Transforming The UK Technology Landscape?

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Leeds, a city in the United Kingdom, known for its rich industrial history and vibrant cultural scene, has recently become a booming hub for Information Technology startups. These companies are not just contributing to the local economy but are also providing innovative solutions to worldwide problems. In this article, we highlight 15 startups that are making waves in this ever-evolving technological landscape.

The array of sectors these startups are involved in is vast, including FinTech, health care, cyber security, digital marketing, software development and more. One can’t help but marvel at the diversity and intensity of the work these companies are engaged in, fuelled by their ambition and inventive prowess.

What sets these startups apart is not only their revolutionary ideas but their will to transform those ideas into reality, helping businesses and individuals from around the globe. Let us delve deeper into the offerings of these cutting-edge IT startups.

Digital Wealth Solutions

Digital Wealth Solutions is an IT startup engaged in the FinTech sector. Their platform helps financial advice companies provide regulated advice. Anchored firmly in Information Services and Information Technology, their innovative solutions are a boon for financial firms.

Hero Wellbeing

Hero Wellbeing is a startup with a unique proposition. It is dedicated to fostering healthy behavior among individuals, organisations, and communities. Their IT enabled solutions span across the healthcare, community apps and non-profit sectors – truly a positive influence in every sense of the term.

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SatSense is a spin-off startup that leverages software technology to detect deterioration in building foundations. An amalgamation of IT and Building maintenance, it also offers Management Consulting and Information Services.

One Compliance

One Compliance is a startup focusing on the protection of online data. They specialize in data privacy and cyber security services, serving as a vital guard against cyber threats.

Blog Shack

Blog Shack is an IT startup specializing in digital marketing. In this age of digital domination, the firm helps businesses gain a competitive edge through targeted online advertising initiatives.

Neeko Technology Services

Neeko Technology Services is an IT firm offering solutions to the public sector. Their aim is to improve IT usage and reduce overall costs. Their offerings span across Apps, Business Intelligence and Software sectors.


TrainingToolz is an online training toolkit platform. They assist organizations to create, distribute and evidence training and policy tools. This startup is operating in the IT, Publishing, and Training sectors.

Code Grazer Ltd

Code Grazer Ltd is a recent addition to Leeds’ IT landscape. It is a pentest firm offering security services in the cyber security, network security and penetration testing sectors.


SeeAI is an AI-based tech startup that creates diagnostic tools for healthcare organizations. They provide diagnosis reports based on images within a minute, a significant development in the healthcare sector.


HyperFinity is a SaaS provider that offers solutions in data science, analytics, machine learning, and supply chain sectors.

Third Foundation

Third Foundation is a B2B organization that provides marketing assets, AI-driven data decisions, and machine learning campaign services. They work at the intersection of AI, B2B, IT and Internet sectors.

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Nomify is an app that provides end-to-end employee engagement solutions. The startup covers company news, events, nominations and staff holiday planning, encapsulating HR, IT, Internet and Software spheres.


Earthchain helps brands in customer engagement towards sustainable living. They work in the IT, Software and Sustainability sectors.

Roma Systems

Roma Systems is a software engineering company that offers IT and Software services.


ShadowAPI is a UK-based cybersecurity startup focusing on API and web application security through its SaaS platform.

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