Which British Startups Are Revolutionising the Corporate Training Industry in 2023?

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The UK has an innovative and thriving start-up scene, especially within the realm of corporate training. The traditionally staid and uninspiring world of corporate training has undergone a transformation, thanks to the introduction of breathtaking new technologies and creative thinking of startups. From gaming simulations to mindfulness, companies across the UK are providing diverse and versatile training solutions to corporations. Let’s take a closer look at 15 of these dynamic startups.

Games Without Frontiers

A revolutionary enterprise in the field of corporate training, Games Without Frontiers blends gaming, simulation, and training to accelerate the way humanity learns. Redesigning simulation software, they create space for dynamic and engaging training sessions.


CO:CUBED is a startup that encourages FTSE100 companies to embrace the startup revolution. With innovation as the driving force, they define and execute collaborative training strategies that go beyond borders.


ARuVR, formerly VRtuoso, is a startup that operates in the fields of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, offering a content creation and live streaming SaaS platform. Their aim is to revolutionize the corporate training industry through immersive experiences.

Amatis Training

Amatis Training offers BCS-accredited business analysis training, consulting, mentorship, and support, committed to developing a generation of advanced business analysts.


_Nology.io provides an amalgamation of technical training and coaching services for organizations. They complement their training services with consulting, ensuring clients receive comprehensive support.

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Levitate focuses on helping people find calm in a chaotic world through mindfulness and breathwork. They provide solutions to both individuals and organisations to help them thrive.

Averest Training

Averest Training offers leading-edge training courses that cover finance, aviation, and IT for business professionals in Istanbul, Dubai, Edinburgh and London.

Greater London Business School

Greater London Business School focuses on Management, e-Learning, Leadership, Sales and Training to propel individuals towards their career and business goals.

Venture Agenda

Venture Agenda assists mature organisations in embracing emerging technologies and early-stage businesses, helping them prepare, engage, and decide on potential venture paths.

Digital Ape Training

Digital Ape Training is a training firm providing development and communication courses for employees, aiming at augmenting productivity.

One Xec

One Xec offers leadership development, executive coaching, assessments, and cultural engagement services to help businesses thrive in a competitive landscape.

Turing Talent

Turing Talent commits to propelling the IT sector by offering online technical programs, equipping individuals with the skills required to excel in this industry.


ZenDays provides services specifically tailored to businesses with high stress working environments, helping them attract and retain top employees by creating a supportive and balanced work atmosphere.


Promiser.pro offers a unique proposition, combining corporate engagement, personal finance, and wellness. The platform facilitates making money by quitting addictions in a fun and evidence-based way.

Head Set

Head Set utilizes virtual reality to provide immersive and experiential training. They are creating a new dimension in corporate training with their innovative VR approach.

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