Who Are the Most Influential UK Travel Agency Startups in 2023?

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The travel industry has always been innovative, adopting new technologies and trends to cater for diverse needs. In the United Kingdom, a range of startups have taken this innovation to new heights, putting the ‘mission at ease’ for their customers. These companies are not just creating new ways for people to explore the world, but are also reshaping the industry norms. Here we showcase fifteen interesting travel agency startups based in the UK.


Cargoholidays founders Steeve Joury saw a gap in the market and created an interesting way to travel. They offer customers the chance to travel from one port to another or around the world by freighter – a relatively inexpensive option compared to other cruise ships. Cargoholidays has carved out a niche in the competitive travel industry, promising an experience like no other.

Experience Umrah

Experience Umrah is the trading name of Five Stars Travel & Tours Ltd which was founded by Tauseef Shah. Located at 284 Romford Road, London, Experience Umrah facilitates travel for those undertaking religious pilgrimages to Mecca.


Packed is making waves in the group travel sector. The founders, Jasper Cox, Peter Rawlinson, and Tom Pain are on a mission to build a global platform for organising group travel, offering pioneer services in the online travel space.


Co-founders, Manoj Ganapathy and Richard Goodall, introduced SalesTrip, an Expense management, and travel booking system on Salesforce. The startup aims to help companies better track and justify expense spend.

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Pegasus Chauffeur

Pegasus Chauffeur is offering advanced and efficient online booking and payment systems for chauffeuring services in London. Their aim is to provide the best in comfort, security, and punctuality.


Travala.com creates a cryptocurrency-friendly booking service for its clients, sorting out hotel accommodations worldwide. Founded by Juan Otero, Matthew Luczynski, and Steven Hipwell, the company is treading a unique path in the travel industry.

Let’s GoDo

Let’s GoDo is a travel experience hosting company providing unique and personal travel experiences around the world. They give travellers the chance to see their destination through the lens of the locals.

Solo Fly

Solo Fly is a UK-based travel agency that caters to the needs of solo travelers.

Muslims Holy Travel

Muslims Holy Travel is a Hajj and Umrah travel company but it also provides Halal holidays services.


A unique startup by Nathan P. and Timothy James, Bookado offers activities and experiences for individuals and businesses online, catering specially for those who want to make hassle-free bookings.

Trending Travel

Trending Travel is a UK-based tour operator that provides travel deals and develops travel campaigns that are catching the eye of many customers around the UK.


Awaze is a company that specializes in offer vacation rentals and holiday resort services making holiday booking effortless for the customers.


Travelopick is a one-stop destination for domestic and international flight bookings.

Sunlounger Travel Group

Sunlounger Travel Group is a comprehensive travel agency that takes care of accommodation, booking, and points of interest for its clients.


HalalTravels.com is an online travel agency that caters specifically to the needs of Muslim travellers and those interested in Halal tourism.

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These startups are pushing the boundaries of the travel industry by adopting new technologies, providing unique services, engaging underserved markets and creating memorable experiences. As they continue to innovate and grow, we can look forward to a future of easier, more enjoyable, and more inclusive travel options for everyone.

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