Which Edinburgh AI Startups Are Pioneering UK’s Tech Industry in 2023?

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Edinburgh, Scotland, is rapidly emerging as an influential city in the global Artificial Intelligence scene. The city is bustling with AI startups, demonstrating cutting-edge technologies and pushing the boundaries in their respective industries. This article explores some of these innovative startups, taking a deep dive into their offerings, founders, and the industries they’re transforming.

From AI-driven financial services, conversational AI events, to AI solutions in the waste management industry, these Scottish pioneers are injecting dynamism and innovation into the tech landscape. Let’s uncover what these fifteen AI startups based in Edinburgh have to offer.

Each of these businesses brings something unique to the table, solving problems, and paving the way for future AI advancements. Even though these companies differ in industries, founders, and solutions they provide, they are all part of the vibrant tech scene in Edinburgh, contributing to the city’s reputation in AI.


Based in Scotland, Crossing35 has developed an AI-enabled platform designed to aid CEOs in entering global markets and identifying potential business partners. Founded by Nara Kaveripatnam, the company is making significant strides in the Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology industries.

Continuum Industries

Continuum Industries is accelerating the development of new transmission lines with AI, effectively facilitating clean energy transition. Founders Emil Hansen, Grzegorz Marecki, and Matt Blythe are leading the charge in the Artificial Intelligence, Clean Energy, CleanTech, Machine Learning, Renewable Energy, and Software industries.

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Aveni is levering AI technology to drive automation and insight from voice across various regulated industries. Founders Alexandra Birch, Barry Haddow, and Jamie Hunter are dominating the Artificial Intelligence, Call Center, Financial Services, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Software, and Speech Recognition industries.

Level E Research

Offering AI investment solutions, Level E Research is a prominent startup in the Artificial Intelligence, Financial Services, FinTech, and Machine Learning sectors. Founder Sonia Schulenburg has successfully intertwined AI and investment solutions.


PVLSE has developed a platform for turning passions and skills into profit. Maria Rybak, the founder, is making waves in the Artificial Intelligence, Communities, Fitness, Lifestyle, Sharing Economy, Software, and Sports industries.


Boundary blends several areas including Proptech, IoT, HaaS, B2C, AI, and ML. Founders Paul Walton and Robin Knox are at the forefront of the Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Consumer Electronics, Hardware, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Security, and Smart Home industries.


Neurolabs specialises in Synthetic Computer Vision. Founders Patric Fulop, Paul Pop, and Remus Pop are making significant impacts in the Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Retail Technology, and Software industries.


Anomalous leverages AI to streamline manufacturing quality control. The founders Euan Wielewski and Matt Davies are paving the way in the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Manufacturing, and Quality Assurance sectors.

Ethical Intelligence

Providing ethical guidance and consultation services for AI development, Ethical Intelligence is a renowned player in the Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Consulting fields. Founder Olivia Gambelin has effectively amalgamated ethics and AI.


Vahamony offers AI-driven solutions to fast-track the deployment of charging infrastructure. They’re instrumental in the Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Electric Vehicle, and Internet of Things industries.

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Scotland’s AI Strategy

Scotland’s AI Strategy is dedicated to crafting a Scottish AI Playbook, providing practical guidance for AI applications in Scotland. They are significant contributors to the Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, and Software fields.

Decision Point AI™ UK

Specialising in professional services consulting for key decision-making solutions, Decision Point AI™ UK is a prominent startup in the Artificial Intelligence, Consulting, Information Technology, Predictive Analytics, and Software sectors. Founder Karl A L Smith has successfully incorporated AI and decision-making processes.

Danu Robotics

Danu Robotics offers AI and robotic solutions for the recycling and waste management industry. Founder Xiaoyan Jeffrey is playing a crucial role in the Artificial Intelligence, Recycling, and Waste Management industries.

The European Chatbot & Conversational AI Summit

The European Chatbot and Conversational AI Summit, founded by Sydney Eneremadu, is accelerating Conversational AI in the European market. Their influence is witnessed in the Apps, Artificial Intelligence, Events, Information Technology, and Machine Learning industries.

Sharktower AI

Sharktower AI, founded by Craig Mackay and Lynsey Taylor, aims to transform how businesses deliver change through their AI project management platform. They’re at the cutting-edge of the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Project Management, SaaS, and Software sectors.

In conclusion, these Edinburgh-based startups are shaping the future of Artificial Intelligence across a variety of industries. They are not only transforming Edinburgh into a significant AI hub, but they are also contributing to the advancement of AI technologies worldwide.

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