Which London Credit Startups are Transforming the UK’s Financial Landscape?

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The United Kingdom, specifically London, is home to a variety of promising start-ups in the realm of credit, all dedicated to pioneering positive change within the industry. Despite the challenging environment that the global pandemic has presented, these start-ups are reshaping the credit system as we know it, disrupting traditional models with their innovative solutions. Here, we present an eclectic selection of fifteen of these startups, showcasing the diversity, creative ingenuity, and potential they possess.

Traditionally a sphere dominated by large banks and finance corporations, the influx of agile, innovative start-ups within the industry is slowly dismantling barriers, democratising access and delivering value to both consumers and businesses alike. From platforms that connect customers seeking finance with lenders, to those offering highly personalised credit education, these startups are harnessing the power of digital technology to better serve their users.

Whilst they may operate within the same industry, each startup brings a unique approach and solution to the market. Their diverse offerings reflect the broad range of needs and preferences of today’s consumers and businesses who demand more flexibility, transparency and convenience from financial services. Let’s meet them.


Launched as an online platform, Loanable is designed to connect customers and businesses searching for finance with respective lenders who can provide it. This clever FinTech solution has already helped facilitate countless transactions within the credit industry.

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Founded by Paul Williams, Yes2Credit.com is focused on credit education, offering tailored, ethical lending solutions. It deserves recognition for its dedication to empowering its users with the knowledge they need to make sound financial decisions.


A brainchild of John Downie, Oleg Mukanov and Oleg Mukhanov, SteadyPay is an income-smoothing app for the modern economy – a smart solution for those seeking to stabilise their financial flows through forward-thinking technology.

Collection Hub

Collection Hub is a unique marketplace for debt collection. Founded by Simone Bertolone, this forward-thinking platform connects global companies struggling with unpaid account receivables with local debt collectors.


Established by Merita Memisi, Carter is on a mission to revolutionise the payments landscape and is already enhancing the way both individuals and businesses manage transactions.


Tymit, the brainchild of Juan Montalvo Bressi, Martin Magnone and Nicolas Magnone, offers traditional credit cards service along with the “buy now, pay later” function – a flexible solution that taps into the increasingly popular trend within consumer finance.


Finverity, developed by Alex Fenechiu and Viacheslav Oganezov, is a mid-market supply chain finance platform targeting the $1.5T funding gap in global Trade Finance. Its technological solutions have the potential to significantly impact this sector.

LiveMore Mortgages

LiveMore Mortgages is a pioneering financial services company offering online mortgage lending services for older borrowers, a demographic that often faces unnecessary hurdles when seeking finance.


Pave brings a fresh new look to the credit industry, accurately describing themselves as providing ‘the proper path to good credit’. Founded by Chris Butcher and Sho Sugihara, Pave is reshaping how we view and mould our credit landscape.

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Bits, founded by Faisal Khalid, helps users build their credit scores by offering a digital credit card, which they can pay off every month.

Baker Ing

Baker Ing is a specialist in receivables management, carving out its niche within the complex domain of financial services and credit.


Funding11, founded by Jhanzaib Nemat, is a financial institution offering financing, credit, and land loan options to both individuals and businesses.

Claim Capital

Claim Capital provides a comprehensive suite of services including credit claiming, HMRC enquiry support, and technical report writing for SMEs.


Sarria was founded by Martha Chagas Felix and Wolfgang Felix. The company assists businesses by providing reliable and concrete investment ideas based on their comprehensive in-house models, profound analysis of fundamentals, and legal knowledge.

SPIN Analytics

SPIN Analytics, created by Panos Skliamis, is an innovative provider of credit risk modelling and analytics solutions for Banks and Digital Banks, harnessing hidden insights from data to drive better decision-making processes.

By harnessing digital technology, these start-ups are poised to reshape the credit industry, proving that London remains a vibrant hub for fintech innovation. As we continue to navigate through a rapidly changing world, the novel approaches and solutions they bring to the table are certain to make an indispensable contribution to the financial landscape of the future.

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