Who’s Disrupting the UK’s Delivery Service Sector with Innovative Startups?

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In recent years, the UK has seen a boom in innovative delivery service startups. With novel approaches to cater various industry needs, these technological driven companies are revolutionizing the delivery services, from food to retail. They are adopting diverse strategies including on-demand deliveries, peer-to-peer, e-commerce, supply chain management, and robotics. Let’s delve into 15 interesting UK-based delivery service startups.


Tradechum is a unique mobile application connecting individuals who wish to purchase goods from abroad and travelers who can earn an additional income through delivery. Founded by Alisa Sakovych and Tadeusz Bartkiewicz, Tradechum straddles the industries of Delivery Services, Mobile Apps, Peer-to-Peer, and Travel.

Vanuse Ltd

Vanuse is a visionary on-demand platform offering services akin to Uber but for Vans! Vanuse operates in the fields of Apps, Delivery, Delivery Service, E-Commerce, Information Technology, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Transportation.


Defined as a peer to peer delivery platform, Peyk has introduced PeykBot, aiming to revolutionize delivery services through robotics. Founded by Salman Moghimi, Peyk operates in several industries including Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Courier Service, Delivery Service, Internet, Mobile Apps, and Robotics.


Zilch is an e-commerce delivery platform, simplifying online shopping delivery process. They specifically work in the Delivery Service and Transportation sectors.


Specialised in food delivery service, Fair-Well is set on making meal-times easier and more convenient for its customers.

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Nonna Tonda

Delicious handmade pasta cooked to perfection is Nonna Tonda‘s speciality. With subscription-based home delivery services, they are in the Food and Beverage and Subscription Service sectors.


Providing on-demand courier services to local businesses, Wuhu is speeding up local deliveries. Their primary operations are in Courier Service, Delivery Service, and Shipping industries.

Stone Genie

Stone Genie deals in the manufacture and delivery of quartz, Corian and granite countertops. They operate primarily in the delivery service and retail sectors.

SmartMiles Pvt Ltd

Developed by Vivek Balakrishnan, SmartMiles App is a simple and effective delivery and travel route planner, making life easy and safe for all drivers. It is part of the Delivery Service, Last Mile Transportation, Software, Supply Chain Management, and Travel industries.


Founded by Shane Moore, VANHEROES is an on-demand delivery service aiming to connect local van drivers with the customers that require their services. The company is making waves in the Apps, Delivery, and Delivery Service sectors.


Enjoy quality wines at your doorstep with Wineapp. Its mobile app facilitates on-demand fine wine delivery contributing significantly to the sectors of Delivery Service, E-Commerce, Retail Technology, Software, and Wine And Spirits.

Modern Milkman

With a mission to reduce waste, Modern Milkman founded by Becky Hilton and Simon Mellin, offers a return-and-reuse grocery delivery service. Their work has been noteworthy in the Consumer Goods, Delivery Service, Grocery, and Sustainability sectors.

Store First

Store First provides a range of services, from boxes, locks, tools, packaging materials to personal, business, and student storage services, thus contributing significantly to the Delivery Service, Manufacturing, Packaging Services, Real Estate, and Self-Storage sectors.

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Fighter Shots

Producing 100% natural energizing shots made with organic ingredients Fighter Shots, founded by Anna Szymanowska, operates in the Delivery Service, Food and Beverage, and Food Delivery sectors.


Offering on-demand delivery services 24/7, grocery-delivery startup Zapp, founded by Joe Falter, is making inroads in the Delivery, Delivery Service, Grocery, Internet, and Retail sectors.

With their inventive approaches and strong intentions, these startups are transforming delivery services in unique ways. As they continue to develop and introduce more advancements, we look forward to seeing how these delivery service startups will shape our everyday lives.

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