Which English Logistics Startups Are Revolutionising the UK’s Supply Chain?

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The use of technology and digital solutions has become an integral part of the modern business landscape. More so, in the field of logistics and supply chain, where technology adoption is shaping the transport, storage, and delivery of goods. Here we profile 15 innovative logistics startups from England that are exploring unique ways to disrupt the industry through digital means.

These startups are addressing and transforming various segments of the logistics value chain, from freight management to retail delivery. Each startup showcases a unique offering aimed at streamlining the movement, storage, and flow of goods from the point of origin to end-user. Let’s take a closer look at these enterprises shaking up the logistics landscape in the UK.

Besides the following detailed company profiles, this article provides links to the respective company’s websites for more detailed information and understanding of their operations, value proposition and distinctive traits.


Zencargo, led by founders Alex Hersham, Jan Riethmayer, and Richard Fattal, is a logistics company that offers digital freight services, simplifying global trade and helping businesses grow. Their services encompass the fields of freight service, logistics, SaaS, Shipping, and Supply Chain Management.


Founded by Dovy senas and Dovydas Riasnojus, Transcount is a logistics company that provides freight forwarding digitization software. This service enables logistics companies to transform into digital freight forwarding service providers.


Shift is an on-demand technology platform targeting the logistics market. Founded by Jacob Corlett, this startup focuses on AI, delivery, internet technology, marketplace, mobile apps, and software aspects of logistics.

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bidMAZE offers a new way for people to auction off used and unwanted items. The platform allows buying and selling locally and doesn’t take a percentage of sales.


HYPR is an app-based luxury transport service provider.


Carryr founded by Chris Jordan and Mike Zhang, is a logistics company that provides a new delivery experience for e-commerce brands. The service allows immediate 90-min delivery or scheduled for later option.

LivingPackets UK

LivingPackets UK founded by Baptiste Lambert, Denis Mourrain, and Fabian Kliem, offers smart and same day international deliveries by combining new technology and crowd sourced couriers.


Kiffgo, founded by Bernard Sivert and Simon Birchall, offers an app that connects people and businesses to available van drivers instantly.

Raft (FKA Vector.ai)

Raft (FKA Vector.ai), founded by James Coombes and Nisarg Mehta, is creating an Intelligent Freight Command Center.


Dropless, founded by Christian Duncan and Mike Grindy, offers on-demand car wash, valet & servicing.


Cityport has developed a novel way of protecting goods being transported by lorry from theft.


Beacon, founded by Dmitri Izmailov and Fraser Robinson, is a digital supply chain and freight platform developed to optimize supply chains with insights and visibility.


XeroE founded by Steve Evans, is the UK’s leading emission-free, final-mile delivery provider.


Chill-Chain, founded by Jack Fleming, offers temperature-controlled logistics and transportation services for companies.

Aleph Commodities

Aleph Commodities is a trading company that offers investment, logistics and risk management solutions across the commodities supply chain.

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