Which Influential UK Communities Startups are Reshaping the 2023 Industry?

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Startups in the United Kingdom are spearheading unique approaches to building communities online. These startups are not only innovating how people interact, engage and express themselves, but also, are creating platforms that empower users by providing them with unique opportunities and experiences. Today, we spotlight 15 illustrious UK startups that are pioneering in the realm of online communities.

These companies span across various industries such as Travel, Social, Video, Machine learning, Bitcoin, Education, Health care, Robotics, Big Data, E-learning and many more. Each one of them, led by visionary founders, has achieved commendable strides in their respective sectors.

Let us take a closer look at these unique startups and get to know more about their perspective, their journey, and their contribution in building and fostering online communities.


TimeAway, founded by Faye Woodcock and Wahab Ahmad, is dedicated to enriching family holidays. This startup delivers meticulously researched and tested holiday suggestions, meant to assure an enjoyable and hassle-free experience for families.


Viewron, a startup founded by Elin Malikzade and Fareed Baloch, is a community-driven platform that houses short, informative videos answering common queries, contributing to the Apps, Communities and Video industries.


Founded by Graham Tonkin, Ensembl uses the power of artificial intelligence to aggregate content, and cryptocurrency to monetize community intelligence


Fobo, led by founder Terry Cullen, brings a fresh take to social media and dating, while changing how people meet and revolutionizing the dating industry.

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A venture by Angela Moran, amvigo Elite is a private virtual membership club catering to the networking needs of London’s business founders and C-suite executives.


Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel have established Vevolution to create a community around SaaS, Fintech and Plant-based education.


Villge, founded by Dean Eastwood and Lee-Anne Eastwood, provides a reliable community of support for families and those working with them across various industries.


Wonder, co-founded by Alex Berezovskiy and Renat Galyamov, invites users to try the latest inventions, delivered directly to their doorstep.


Providing the next generation of collective action at work is Organise, founded by Bex Hay and Nat Whalley.

A League of Her Own

Charly Lester has created A League of Her Own, an online community that fosters and supports female entrepreneurship.

Go Jauntly

Go Jauntly, founded by Allan Weir, Hana Sutch, and Steve Johnson, is a health and wellness company promoting increased walking, mobility, and outdoor adventures.

Follow Alice

Follow Alice, founded by Daniel Louis, Reto Bolliger, and Sebastian Schmidt, blends technology with human interaction to make adventure travel a truly holistic and personal client experience.

Young Foodies

Young Foodies, founded by Christopher Green and Theadora Alexander, serves as a community providing specialist services for burgeoning food and drink brands.

Benchmark IT Leaders – Andy Britnell

Andy Britnell’s startup, Benchmark IT Leaders, connects senior IT leaders through invitation-only events and meetups.


Peoplegogo is a unique startup that enables users to start their own social campaign, bringing together the right mix of skills, money, and expertise for a common cause.

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