Who Are England’s Top Influential Management Consulting Startups in 2023?

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Management consulting has gained significant traction in recent years, especially in the United Kingdom where numerous innovative startups have sprouted up across the country. Offering a variety of services ranging from analytics to strategy and innovation management, these startups have not only contributed to the national economy but also helped businesses grow and achieve their long-term objectives. Knowledge of these startups is of particular value to entrepreneurs and investors alike, and below is an overview of what makes each of these companies tick.

In this article, we feature 15 exciting startups operating in the management consulting space in England with specific focus on their unique offers, founders and their respective industries. In curating this list, we’ve considered companies born out of the need to make business management and decision-making easier, more efficient and more data-driven.

Without further ado, let’s delve in and explore the offerings of these startups and see how they’re representing the future of management consulting. The comprehensive list is as follows:


Util is a fascinating startup that uses analytics to maximize environmental and social investment returns. The startup’s founders, Abdel Wahab Turkmani and Stephen Barnett, identify with several industries such as Analytics, Application Performance Management, Big Data, Financial Services, Impact Investing, and Management Consulting.


CO:CUBED, founded by Jeremy Basset, aids FTSE100 companies in embracing the startup revolution by defining and executing collaborative innovation capabilities. Its associated industries range from Corporate Training to Open Source and SaaS.

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Tempting Ventures

Tempting Ventures uniquely combines the provision of recruitment and investment services to organizations, displaying versatility in Advice, Consulting, Management Consulting, and Recruiting as its main areas.

Goldstein Market Intelligence

Goldstein Market Intelligence, started by Shivam Gupta, prioritizes business success through strategic decision-making anchored in robust research. The startup operates in Business Intelligence, Consulting, Management Consulting, and Market Research industries.


At the heart of Intelance’s startup mantra is limitless possibilities in connected teams and connected data. Intelance, founded by Emmanuel Olatunji, boasts a portfolio in Cloud Data Services, CRM, Data Integration, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Information Technology, Internet of Things, and Management Consulting.


Primarily serving financial institutions, CDCA offers management consulting services. Charles David Churchill is the proud founder, operating in the fields of Consulting, Management Consulting, and Professional Services.

BlackTree Advisory

BlackTree Advisory, created by Paolo Malerba, provides strategic advisory services and majorly craters to the Management Consulting industry.


Innovitas, an innovation intelligence and design company, is founder Neelendra Nath’s brainchild. It contributes to the Analytics, Business Intelligence, Consulting, Information Technology, Management Consulting, Market Research, Small and Medium Businesses industries.

Skygate Capital

With a keen interest in disruptive technology, Skygate Capital, founded by Connor B. Milner, invests and advises companies. The startup excels in Angel Investment, Management Consulting, and Venture Capital.

Santander Global Tech

Santander Global Tech drives Santander’s digital transformation and navigates the Finance, Financial Services, Management Consulting, and Project Management industries.

Lyeloon Limited

Offering CFO, Controller, and Bookkeeping Services at minimal cost, Lyeloon Limited aims to assist startups in managing their finance function. The duo of Dharan Desai and Lyeloon Kazi founded the company which is active in the Accounting, FinTech, Management Consulting, and Professional Services industries.

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Titan Capital Advisers (TCA)

Titan Capital Advisers, whose founder is Rob McCombie, specializes in merger and acquisition advisory services. The startup operates in Advice, Consulting, Financial Services, and Management Consulting.

Lumina Intelligence

Lumina Intelligence inspires companies in the global food, drink, and nutrition sectors by providing actionable insights from top-quality analytics technology. The startup is a notable player in the Analytics, Information Services, Management Consulting, Nutrition sectors.


Udder, co-founded by Alan Walker and Jeremy Russon, helps organisations deliver and realise the benefits of HR digital transformation. It contributes to the Consulting, Human Resources, and Management Consulting industries.

HoPe Advisory

HoPe Advisory, founded by Hossein Houssaini, provides consultation services to improve the marketing and digital growth of businesses. It operates in the Consulting, Management Consulting, Market Research, Professional Services, and Training sectors.

In conclusion, each of these startups embodies a unique approach to management consulting, shaping the future of businesses in the UK and beyond. By leveraging innovation and a digital-first approach, they continue to redefine the corporate landscape and remain at the forefront of the management consulting sector.

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