Which London-Based Communities Startups Are Transforming the UK’s Industry Landscape?

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London, known for its dynamism and pioneering spirit, hosts a myriad of innovative and notable start-ups that have been instrumental in creating impactful change across various industries. Start-ups that work within communities have been particularly active, providing unique platforms or services that build and foster stronger community bonds amongst users. From creating enriching family holidays to supporting entrepreneurial journeys, these start-ups have certainly made their mark.

Many of these community-focused start-ups can be found in a range of industries, offering a diverse spectrum of services and products. They span from traditional sectors, like Travel and Education, to emerging fields like SaaS and FinTech. The proliferation of these start-ups is a testament to the vibrancy of the London entrepreneurial scene and its affinity for innovation and collaboration.

Here are 15 remarkable community-based start-ups, operating in the heart of London, that have made significant strides in their respective markets. By transforming community-focused solutions into successful enterprises, they have helped shape London into the thriving start-up hub it is known for today.


TimeAway is a platform dedicated to providing enriching family holidays. Founded by Faye Woodcock and Wahab Ahmad, TimeAway understands the needs of mums and channels this understanding into curating holiday experiences to create meaningful memories for families.


amvigo offers a virtual private membership club for London’s business founders and C-Suite. Founded by Angela Moran, it leverages the power of community and networking within the fast-paced business sector of the city.

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Under the forward-thinking leadership of Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel, Vevolution serves as a platform that merges communities, education, FinTech, and SaaS. It showcases the power of plant-based living through a technology-integrated platform.


Villge, the brainchild of Dean Eastwood and Lee-Anne Eastwood, is an inclusive and trusted support community dedicated to families and those working with them. It is an example of a start-up catering to the needs of those seeking robust support systems within their communities.


Wonder is a start-up that allows people to try the latest inventions today. Founders Alex Berezovskiy and Renat Galyamov have designed Wonder with the promise of bringing education and transformative technology directly to people’s doorsteps.


Bex Hay and Nat Whalley founded Organise with the vision of building a platform for the next generation of collective action at work. Starting from London, Organise has rapidly expanded into a network connecting individuals across the UK.

A League of Her Own

A League of Her Own is an online community specifically tailored for female entrepreneurs. It was founded by Charly Lester with the intention of fostering inclusivity and supporting women in their entrepreneurial journeys.

Go Jauntly

Allan Weir, Hana Sutch, and Steve Johnson created Go Jauntly with a vision to increase walking, mobility, and outdoor adventures. It’s an excellent example of a start-up blending communities with wellness and fitness.

Follow Alice

Follow Alice blends technology with human interaction to make adventure travel a truly holistic and personal client experience. Founders Daniel Louis, Reto Bolliger, and Sebastian Schmidt offer a unique travel and networking platform.

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Young Foodies

Young Foodies offer specialist services and a community for the most exciting food and drink challenger brands. Founders Christopher Green and Theadora Alexander built a community to support these brands in the hospitality and leisure industries.

Benchmark IT Leaders – Andy Britnell

Andy Britnell created Benchmark IT Leaders to connect senior IT leaders by invitation only. It serves as a powerful networking platform within the IT industry.


Peoplegogo is an innovative platform that lets individuals start their own social campaign to bring the right people together to contribute their skills, money, and expertise. This start-up is taking a new approach to crowdsourcing and collaboration within communities.


Stitcht, founded by Mike Christensen, takes a conversation-based approach to sourcing authentic UGC for direct-to-consumer brands. By emphasizing community bonding and interaction, Stitcht is redefining advertising and marketing strategies.

Rekit App – Ask.Share.Help

Founded by Asdren Zhubi, the Rekit App is a social network specially created for recommendations. This platform allows users to share helpful advice and recommend products or services, fostering a sense of community and shared knowledge.

Uprise Academy

Uprise Academy, created by Andrea Emanuelli, Harry Verma, and Zee Sc, gives young professionals the skills and mindset to transition out of corporate careers, and into entrepreneurial ones. A truly valuable resource, Uprise Academy serves as an effective bridge from traditional roles to innovative, entrepreneurial pursuits.

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