Which UK Therapeutics Startups Are Impactful Game-Changers in 2023?

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In the thriving UK start-up ecosystem, the therapeutics sector has gained considerable recognition. From adopting advanced technology to innovative medical practices, the UK market is brimming with startups that are pioneering breakthroughs in healthcare. This dynamic space is teeming with novel solutions, pushing the boundaries in patient care and disease prevention. Scroll down as we delve into some fascinating therapeutic startups in the UK.

These start-ups span a range of sectors – from revolutionising oncology treatments to pushing the envelope in the development of personalised digital healthcare solutions. Read on, and you may just discover a company sparking your interest and admiration.

The beauty of these start-ups lies in the promise of the impact they could have on the medical landscape in the not-too-distant future. Their cutting-edge innovations are more than capable of revolutionising the healthcare industry for the better. Let’s explore these UK-based miraculous healthcare start-ups

Vescor Therapeutics

Vescor Therapeutics, operating in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, is a pre-clinical company focused on the discovery and development of autophagy targeted therapeutics primarily for cancer treatment. The company is centred around providing innovative solutions to complex medical problems.

Closed Loop Medicine

Founded by David Cox, Felicity Sartain, and Hakim Yadi, Closed Loop Medicine works towards developing personalised digital healthcare solutions. Their mission is to improve outcomes for patients and clinicians, creating a link between healthcare and therapeutics, and showing progress in the industry.

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Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

The Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust is a unique player in the field, offering learning disability, community and mental health services to improve lives. It operates a vast range of health care, therapeutics, and wellness services, catering to a broad range of medical needs.


Founded by Francesca Crawford, SomaNautix is building an innovative Oncology Product company. They exploit the unique physico-chemical properties of endoNaut technology to produce novel treatment options in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical field.


NeoPhore, founded by Alberto Bardelli, develops novel small molecules therapies intended to treat cancer through the stimulation of the immune system. It operates at the intersection of biotechnology, simulation, and therapeutics, demonstrating innovation in the fight against cancer.


Theolytics is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company founded by Charlotte Casebourne, Kerry Fisher, and Leonard Seymour. Their mission is to develop next-generation oncolytic viral therapies, promising a transformative impact in the field of therapeutics.

Skin + Me

Founded by Horatio Cary, James Mishreki, and Mike Passey,
Skin + Me is a D2C brand providing personalized skin treatments for feel-great skin. They’re making a significant impact in the health care and therapeutic industry with their innovative solutions.

Sixfold Bioscience

Sixfold Bioscience, founded by Anna Perdrix Rosell, George Foot, and Zuzanna Brzosko, develops and researches biotechnology advances for RNA therapies. The company straddles the fields of biotechnology, medical therapy, and nanotechnology, making it a rising force in these domains.


NanoSyrinx is a discovery stage biotechnology company founded by Joe Healey. Based at the University of Warwick’s Medical School, NanoSyrinx is on a mission to create meaningful solutions in the field of biotechnology and therapeutic medicine.

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VIVAN Therapeutics

Founded by Laura Towart, VIVAN Therapeutics is a company pioneering personalized cancer therapeutics. They make use of new assay technology to offer unique solutions in the fields of big data, healthcare, health diagnostics and therapeutics.

Virtue Health

Virtue Health, founded by Arfa Rehman and Scott Gorman, develops digital solutions for healthy aging. They’re making strides in health care, information technology, software and therapeutics, leading the charge towards a healthier future for the ageing population.


Semarion leverages microfabrication technology to build smart materials and develop novel cell assaying applications. This innovative startup operates within the boundaries of biotechnology, health care, and

Empyrean Therapeutics

Empyrean Therapeutics, led by Tom Henley, is working to develop next-generation cell therapies to enable global and affordable cures for diseases. Their contribution to biotechnology, healthcare, product design, and research is truly noteworthy.


Exactmer, founded by Andrew Livingston and Piers Gaffney, specialises in the synthesis of polymer and the production of oligonucleotides. This unique startup is making waves in the fields of manufacturing, pharmaceutical and therapeutics.


CalmaWorx, a rising player in the field, is a workplace wellbeing consultancy and coaching provider. It offers unique solutions in consulting, education, healthcare, personal health, therapy and wellness, catering to a vital need for work-life balance in today’s fast-paced corporate world.

The innovation and ambition driving these therapeutics start-ups are transforming the landscape of healthcare. It’s an exciting time to be a part of this sector, and we look forward to seeing these companies grow in the coming years.

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