Who are the Leading UK Messaging Startups Revolutionising Communications in 2023?

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The world of messaging startups is intriguingly diverse and progressive. These innovative companies are revolutionising the ways we communicate, both personally and professionally. From garage management services to wellness and everything in between, the UK is home to some fascinating messaging startups. We scoured the marketplace and rounded up 15 of the most compelling UK-based messaging companies that deserve your attention. Get ready to discover extraordinary companies disrupting the messaging landscape!

Whether they are creating new communication interfaces for businesses, or turning the music we love into a new messaging medium, these startups represent the cutting edge of technology. They are finding new ways to use messaging for efficiency, safety, connection, and even happiness. Here’s a closer look at who they are and what they’re doing to change the way we interact.

Read on to find out more about these unique and disruptive startups that are taking communication to the next level.

Auto Garage Network Ltd

Auto Garage Network provides online garage Management services across the UK. With a scope that includes booking systems, vehicle technical data, and much more, this company is shaping the automotive industry’s information technology sector.

Qwil Messenger

Qwil Messenger, founded by Laurent Guyot, Nicolas Georges, and Peter Reading is creating a safe and compliant client chat platform for businesses. This software platform is bringing more security to the messaging field.

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BrightManager, co-founded by Alex Hawke and James Byrne, is a web-based CRM and automation software for accountants, bookkeepers and payroll businesses. This innovative startup allows companies to automate their admin processes, saving precious time and resources.


Nivo, crafted by Michael Common, offers trusted and convenient customer service interactions, providing a valuable tool for financial services and government organisations.


Shock, founded by Bartosz Wawrzyniak and Patryk Nawrocki, is a location-based photo-sharing app that enhances social interaction, permitting users to meet new people from around the world and converse with them.


VYBE is a wellness startup intent on making people happier. Utilising the power of messaging, this ambitious company is exploring new avenues of communication to boost people’s wellness.

TLC Mobile

TLC Mobile is at the forefront of Bulk SMS Messaging Service. The company uses messaging technology to offer developer APIs, mobile, SMS and software services, helping businesses to connect more effectively with their customers.

PledgeToPitch Ltd

PledgeToPitch ltd, co-founded by Barry Callaghan and Michal Kupczyk, is a messaging company that puts an end to spam, enabling recipients to concentrate on serious and genuine messages that respect their time.


PlayHit, an invention of Valentin Krzyzyk, changes the way we use music to communicate with our loved ones across all our favourite messaging channels, integrating cyber security, IoT and social media altogether.


Fix8, founded by Freya Twigden, combines artificial intelligence, food and beverage, messaging, software, and video to craft quality kombucha with sophisticated tastes and healthful benefits.


Alloxentric, founded by Max Kreimerman, is revolutionising communications by integrating voice and text to design automated and multi-channel contact strategies.

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Continually, by Paul McKeever, ensures you won’t miss a lead from your website. This company innovates the ecommerce industry via Information technology and multifaceted messaging software.


Zapplan, created by Aran Samra and Saul Liang, is a free-to-download iOS and Android app unlocking a new form of digital conversations through location-based services.


Converso, co-founded by Chris Barley, and Gianluca Bonetti, is a telecommunications company offering mobile payment and messaging services, disrupting traditional methods of carrying out online transactions.


Fix.live, a privately-held company, elegantly combines instant messaging, secure payments and useful tools in one app. This company is trailblazing a new path in the messaging industry.

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