Which UK Advanced Materials Startups are Revolutionising the Industry in 2023?

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The United Kingdom is one of the leading nations when it comes to nurturing advanced materials startups. From creating materials that change sunlight to maximize plant growth to innovatively using seaweed for food products and sustainable materials, the ambitions of these startups are as diverse as they are groundbreaking. Let’s explore 15 of the most interesting UK-based advanced materials startups that are shaping industry trends and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

These startups not only address present-day industry needs but are also relentlessly future-oriented, tackling some of the greatest challenges of our time. They are boldly innovating in sectors like AgTech, CleanTech, Nanotechnology, Battery tech, and more. Through their creativity and perseverance, they are carving out a new path for advanced materials.

As we dive into each of these startups, you will learn about their unique projects, the industries they are impacting, and the passionate founders behind them. Each one is a testament to the power and potential of advanced materials in transforming our world.


Chromatwist specializes in providing chemical manufacturing services. The advanced material startup, masterminded by founders Alex Robinson, Dennis Zhao, and Jon Preece, caters to a diverse range of sectors including Advanced Materials, Chemical, Manufacturing, and Service Industry.

Lambda energy

Lambda energy is revolutionizing the AgTech sector. This startup, spearheaded by Mark Brenchley, Monica Saavedra, and Niall Haughian, develops materials that transform sunlight to increase food production from plants.

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Naturbeads, the brainchild of Giovanna Laudisio, is scaling up technology to manufacture cellulose beads. Their bold mission is to replace the plastic microbeads used in many products.


Joining forces to optimize the Li-ion Battery sector, Alexander Hewitt and Samuel Burrow launched Anaphite. This startup is focused on advanced material development and manufacturing for Li-ion Battery electrodes.


With sustainability at its core, OCEANIUM, created by Charles Bavington and Karen Scofield, is developing all-natural food and nutraceutical products, along with sustainable materials from seaweed.

QV Bioelectronics

Seeking to enhance the quality and longevity of lives for brain tumour patients is QV Bioelectronics. Founded by Chris Bullock and Richard Fu, the startup operates at the intersection of Advanced Materials, Biotechnology, Electronics, Healthcare and more.


CORE POWER (UK) Ltd, founded by Mikal Boe, is leading the charge with its advanced atomic technologies designed to drive change in heavy transport and industry.

Modern Synthesis

At the crossroads of biotechnology and fashion, stands Modern Synthesis. As an innovative biomaterial company, it is developing radical and regenerative material solutions for the fashion industry.


iCOMAT, under the stewardship of Evangelos Zympeloudis, is revolutionizing manufacturing with its production equipment for advanced carbon fibre composite parts.


With a range of ultrasonic capabilities under its belt, Calyo is impacting a spectrum of industries-starting from the creative sectors to military, defence, and autonomous mobility markets. The startup is founded by Mihai Caleap.

Lineat Composites

Lineat Composites is championing sustainability by using reclaimed carbon fibre to manufacture new composite components.

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Integrals Power

Integrals Power, initiated by Behnam Hormozi, is a battery nanomaterial company that is making significant strides within the renewable energy sector.


On the tech frontier, Material, founded by Dmitry Aksenov, is utilizing AI for material discovery. The startup operates within the realms of Advanced Materials, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

Cambridge Future Tech

Envisioning the next generation of deep technology innovation, Xavier Parkhouse-Parker founded Cambridge Future Tech. The venture builder is vying to create a substantial impact on sectors including Advanced Materials, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Quantum Computing.

Space DOTS

Space DOTS, spearheaded by Bianca Cefalo, is revolutionizing aerospace and space travel. The startup is centred around qualifying advanced materials in space, establishing a new paradigm in this frontier sector.

These are just a fraction of the many innovative startups in the UK that are leveraging advanced materials to transform diverse sectors. From space travel to fashion, these companies demonstrate the broad scope and potential that advanced materials hold. As they continue to revolutionize industries, they also inspire future innovators to think outside the box and envision new possibilities for advanced materials.

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