Which London-Based Consumer Electronics Startups are Influencing 2023’s Tech Scene?

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The consumer electronics industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world, and London, England is home to a diverse range of startups which are making a significant impact in this sphere. From smart TVs to electric vehicles, wearable sports technology, and tap water purification systems, London’s consumer electronics startups offer innovative products and services. Let’s dive deeper to understand the products, services, and visionaries behind these rising startups.

Air Headphones

Air Headphones, co-founded by Daniel Vernon, is a London-based startup specialising in the creation of state-of-the-art headphones specifically designed for SMART TVs. This innovative startup falls within the Consumer Electronics, Hardware, Robotics, and Software industries.


Wonder is a unique platform that allows users to try out latest inventions, delivered straight to their doorsteps. Founded by Alex Berezovskiy and Renat Galyamov, Wonder falls under several categories including Autonomous Vehicles, Consumer Electronics, Education, and Robotics.


Swytch, co-founded by Dmitro Khroma, Hayley Bishop, and Oliver Montague, is an ingenious Consumer Electronics startup that has revolutionized the cycling industry by enabling any bike to be instantly converted into an eBike.

eMalls U.K

eMalls U.K, founded by Ali Usman, strives to provide “Everything for Everyone”. This startup caters to a variety of industries such as Consumer Electronics, E-Commerce, Fashion, Home Decor, and Shopping Malls.


SMARTBUNCH, led by the visionary Andreja Beric, aims to incorporate individuality, flexibility, and fun in everyday technology in our lives, with their primary focus on the Consumer Electronics and Lighting industries.

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TRYATEC, co-founded by Elena Sokolova and Sabine F. Opris, operates an insured online marketplace for renting the latest tech gadgets. Their platform spans various industries such as Audio, Consumer Electronics, Drones, Gaming, and Virtual Reality amongst others.

Gallium Ventures

Gallium Ventures was established by Heather Delaney to provide strategic communications consultancy services. They work with companies ranging from early stage startups to large global companies across a myriad of industries such as Consumer Electronics, Gaming, Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.


Emit, co-founded by Stephen Titus and Thushaan Rajaratnam, is a Time Management AI and Smartwatch Company. Their work spans across multiple sectors including Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Consumer Electronics, and Wellness.


TAUR, co-founded by Carson Brown and Richard Adey, has been award-winner for their signature product – an electric scooter designed specifically for city life.

Apollo Tech LTD

Apollo Tech LTD is a Consumer Electronics manufacturer. They also have a foothold in the Electrical Distribution, Electronics, Lighting, and Manufacturing sectors.

ArcX Technology

ArcX Technology, co-founded by Kumar Bala and Paul Blair, provides wearable technology specifically geared for sports and fitness enthusiasts.


Reboxed, established by Phil Kemish, is a recommerce platform that allows the consumer to buyback consumer electronics on-demand. Their platform spans across the Consumer Electronics, E-Commerce, Retail, and Wholesale sectors.


Nothing, co-founded by Akis Evangelidis and Carl Pei, is a consumer tech company that develops digital technology to connect products and services across multiple sectors including Consumer, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Software, and Information Technology.


Sküma, founded by Alexandre Mahe and Georges Khairallah, work towards the purification and mineralization of tap water, thereby enabling the transformation of ordinary tap water into a quality functional beverage.

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Doji, co-founded by Bilal Ishaq Khan, Fernando Montera Filho, and Satyen Fakey, operate an online real-time marketplace for used goods. Their platform spans across multiple industries including Consumer Electronics, E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Marketplace, and Stock Exchanges.

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