Which are the Most Influential Art Startups Transforming UK’s Creative Scene?

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For those with a keen interest in being at the cutting edge of art, the United Kingdom is producing an array of exciting and forward-thinking startups. These companies have the potential to disrupt traditional views of artwork as we know it and push us towards a future where art is more digitally connected than ever before. The list below showcases 15 innovative art startups from the UK that are embracing technology to reshape the art industry.

The startups featured here have harnessed advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, and augmented reality to redefine the artistic landscape. From AI-based analytics designed to predict art market trends to platforms offering immersive art experiences through AR and VR, these startups are exploring untapped potential and discovering new ways to interact with and appreciate art.

Whilst their approaches may be diverse, these startups share a common aim: to bring art into the 21st century. Let’s take a closer look at each of these revolutionary startups and find out what makes them so interesting.


SYD is an art analytics startup founded by Lorena Puica. They specialise in predictive population analytics for enterprise and offer an AI virtual companion for employees. Their goal is to use innovative ways to incorporate art into everyday life and workplaces, making it more accessible for everyone.


Rossum was established by Petr Baudis, Tomas Gogar, and Tomas Tunys with a vision to curb the conventional business communication methods. Rossum is an AI-based cloud document gateway redefining the ways how art is communicated and archived in a business setting.

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With an aim to bring more transparency to the online art world, Factmata, founded by Andreas Vlachos, Dhruv Ghulati, and Sebastian Riedel, uses artificial intelligence for automated content understanding. They want to help brands avoid misinformation and promote high-quality art content.

Near Future Labs Ltd.

Near Future Labs Ltd., spearheaded by Arnab Biswas, focuses on creating immersive art platforms using AR, VR and MR. They aim to revolutionize how we interact with, and experience, art.


Kamelia Dimova and Michael Denham are the brains behind Mindtrace. This startup utilises AI to automate quality, safety, and production systems throughout the industry. They believe that art and creativity are integral to enhancing quality and production systems.


Founded by Dr Omer Farukhan Gunes, Oxtractor, extracts actionable insights from social data using natural language processing. The startup aims to harness this data to help artists and galleries understand and engage their audience better.


SPRYT, is a wellness and fitness firm that believes in the power of art to promote wellbeing. They aim to incorporate art into their services to make fitness and wellness more engaging.


Shift, was started by Jacob Corlett. They utilise AI and mobile technology for delivering art-related logistical solutions. Their aim is to make art transport safer and easier for artists and galleries.

USIO Energy

USIO Energy, devised by Vincent Tuk, is building an AI to match artistic energy usage and conserve resources in art studios. They aim to integrate art creation with sustainability.

Latent Logic

Latent Logic, founded by Joao Messias and Shimon Whiteson, uses AI and deep learning technologies for autonomous driving. They are envisioning ways to incorporate artistic design in autonomous vehicles.

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BB1 focuses on machine learning using deep learning. They hope to apply this technology to analyze and learn from historical art trends to predict future movements.

Optimal Agriculture

Optimal Agriculture, founded by David Hunter and Joao Abrantes, is deploying AI-operated greenhouses. They aim to incorporate artistic designs in their greenhouses to make agriculture more appealing.


Ensembl was devised by Graham Tonkin. It’s leveraging machine learning to power content aggregation and monetizing community intelligence with cryptocurrency. They aim to benefit art communities with their platform.

Tech Mavens

Tech Mavens work in various tech areas including artificial intelligence and machine learning. Their recruitment agency aims to connect artists with tech jobs.


ZEE9, initiated by Alessandro Trinca Arnould, is an AI startup that turns data into value. They aim to help art businesses make smart decisions based on data analytics.

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