Who are England’s Most Influential Infrastructure Startups Shaping The Future?

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Given the rise of technology and the digital era, the infrastructure industry in the UK has been revitalised. This innovation is seen primarily in the emergence of countless startups focusing on everything from cloud computing and communications to green infrastructure. In this article, we shine a spotlight on some of the startups innovating in the infrastructure sector across England, the United Kingdom.

Today we’re taking a deep dive into 15 infrastructure startups that are making a significant impact in various industries. Their innovative approaches are transforming the way businesses operate and communicate, marking a new era in the infrastructure industry. Let’s take a look at these startups and the disruptive solutions they’re bringing to the table.

We’ve carefully compiled this list to showcase a range of startups, each with its unique solution and focus. Whether you’re an investor looking out for the next big thing, an entrepreneur seeking inspiration, or simply interested in the direction technology is taking infrastructure, these startups have something to offer.

Crydent | Cloud and Support Solutions

Crydent specializes in IT solutions and services, providing 24/7 IT support, managed services, and modern cloud solutions to businesses across the UK. Co-founded by Cameron Willer, the startup operates in multiple industries including Cloud Computing, IT Infrastructure, and Network Security.

ATLAS Infrastructure

ATLAS Infrastructure offers global listed infrastructure, infrastructure investment, and tailored solutions. The startup is paving the way in the Financial Services, Impact Investing, and Infrastructure sectors.

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Echron, started by Stijn Duynslaeger, is a software & e-commerce consultancy. Its echelon of services cover Cloud Infrastructure, Consulting, E-Commerce, Mobile Apps, Software, and Web Development.


Co-founded by Bill Dobie, SEDNA designed an Intelligent Communications System serving as the digital workspace for teams working on complex projects in sectors like Communications Infrastructure, Document Management, Email, SaaS, and Software.

Urban Electric Networks

Building low impact charging infrastructure for mass adoption of electric vehicles in cities, Urban Electric Networks, founded by Keith Johnston and Olivier Freeling-Wilkinson, is pushing the boundaries of Automotive, CleanTech, Electric Vehicle, GreenTech, and Infrastructure.


Element creates secure, self-sovereign chat apps and collaboration solutions using the open Matrix protocol. Co-founders Amandine Le Pape and Matthew Hodgson started this innovative venture, operating in the Apps, Commercial, Communications Infrastructure, Information Technology, Software, and VoIP sectors.

Ziegal Ltd

Revolutionizing the UK’s WiFi market is Ziegal Ltd. Founded by Mohammed Amir, the startup is set to increase internet speeds across the country in the Communications Infrastructure, Mobile, Mobile Devices, Telecommunications, Wired Telecommunications, and Wireless sectors.

Ixnium Technologies

Ixnium Technologies, spearheaded by Doruk Alp Ülgen, is providing its infrastructure for SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS in the space of Cloud Computing and Cloud Infrastructure.

Cudo Ventures

Cudo Ventures founded by Matt Hawkins, delivers sustainable cloud computing and Tech4Good monetisation software live in over 145 countries. The startup is recognized in Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Cryptocurrency, Internet, and Mining sectors.

DLT Apps

DLT Apps, initiated by Santosh Mahagaonkar and Venkatesh Pulla, provides proposition incubation, financial platform, infrastructure and product engineering services that facilitate digitization in Financial Services, FinTech, IT Infrastructure, and Software Engineering sectors.

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DICE Money

DICE Money is a social fintech platform for crowdfunding through the creation and exchange of digital certificates, developing innovations in Blockchain, Infrastructure, and Social sectors.


Xytri offers colocation services with value-added elements like managed networking solutions and remote hands. The startup is reshaping the Data Center, Infrastructure, and Internet sectors.

Alwin Technologies

Alwin Technologies, founded by Jenicks Raja, is a global blockchain development company for various types of business applications. The startup operates primarily in Blockchain, Business Development, Consulting, Enterprise Software, IT Infrastructure, and Software sectors.


Co-founded by Leandro T and Marcel Thomas, Unubo simplifies cloud deployments in industries such as Cloud Infrastructure and Internet.


CPEC.ai, the brainchild of Barry Borhani and Peyman Moh, has developed a capital project effective control framework powered by artificial intelligence in sectors such as Artificial Intelligence, Infrastructure, Machine Learning, Oil and Gas, and Project Management.

In conclusion, these startups, through their innovative solutions, are not only improving the infrastructure industry but also paving ways for businesses to operate and communicate more effectively. All the startups mentioned are continually evolving with the aim of making the world a smaller, more connected place.

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