Which London Startups Shape the Future of UK Productivity Tools?

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As the world economy continues to evolve and digitise, the demand for productivity tools has grown exponentially, especially in the wake of a global pandemic. These tools, which help individuals and companies undertake tasks systematically and correctly, are helping to redefine how we work. London, a city renowned for its vibrant startup scene, is home to several productivity startups making waves in various industries. Let us delve into 15 such startups that are changing how work gets done.


Bouncezap, a venture by founders Hitesh Patel, is a powerful conversion optimization toolkit, providing services in the digital marketing, e-commerce, and marketing automation sectors. It’s a must-have for anyone looking to upheave their online marketing game.


Simul, founded by Benjamin Morris, is a collaboration and version control tool that specializes in simplifying cooperative work on MS Word documents. This promises to be a valuable addition for teams obliged to work remotely.


Developed by Elemi Atigolo, Buildily is an online business development platform and accelerator supporting early-stage entrepreneurs and startups. It offers a range of services from education to financial services.


Beacon, founded by Dmitri Izmailov and Fraser Robinson, is a digital supply chain and freight tool that provides insights and visibility to optimize supply chains.


Rock is a productivity platform designed specifically for office managers, automating redundant tasks and helping to streamline managerial work.


SevenBee, created by Valentine Agamah, is a productivity tool aimed at landlords, property managers, and tenants. It helps manage daily communications, making property management more streamlined and efficient.

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Developed by Stephen Titus and Thushaan Rajaratnam, emit is a time management AI and smartwatch company, offering analytics, predictive analytics, and wearables services.


Avion, created by James Sear and Tim Ramage, is a user story mapping tool that aids product teams efficiently plan and prioritize services.


Glorify is a design software app which allows users to create professional-looking social media posts, ads, logos, infographics, and presentations.


Founded by Matt Alcock, Faraday offers a feedback platform designed to kickstart ideas. It’s an excellent tool for businesses looking to broaden their customer research and gain unique insights.


Emotif.ai, the brainchild of Ashwini Shukla, David Grosser, and Rory Waite, is an AI-powered copywriting service. It aims to help people become effective copywriters, utilizing Machine Learning and AI.


Eduarda Bardavid and Nick Timms are the brains behind Drag, an everything inbox for teams that supports customer support, task management, and deal closing, all from the comfort of email.


Squadra, developed by Monica Chitnis, is the first virtual coaching app for teams and is carving out a new space in workplace productivity.


Qatalog, created by Tariq Rauf, defines itself as the work hub for modern teams that facilitates collaboration and communication.


Klutch.ai, founded by Jonathan Riftin and Karim Gargum, is a powerful SaaS solution for after-sales teams, putting crucial client insights at their fingertips and boosting overall productivity.

The pandemic made businesses of all sizes recognize the importance of having efficient productivity tools. The highlighted London-based startups are part of this valuable industry and provide solutions helping businesses and individuals stay productive and successful in their respective fields.

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