Which London-Based Crypto Startups Are Shaping the Virtual Currency Landscape?

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London has expanded as a vital hub for the thriving virtual currency & blockchain industry. This industry has far-reaching implications and potential; it’s more than just bitcoin. From safeguarding crypto assets to social networking to gaming, the applications are seemingly endless. This article seeks to spotlight some exciting, homegrown companies in the digital landscape.

These startups have found unique ways to leverage the power of virtual currency and blockchain technology. While they operate in various fields – finance, social media, gaming – they all share a common thread: they are pioneers, guiding us into a future where digital currency and blockchain are commonplace in our daily lives.

Let’s delve into some exciting virtual currency startups and companies originating from London.


Trustology is dedicated to making your digital assets safe. Founded by Alex Batlin, the company provides a custody platform designed to safeguard your crypto assets. Immersed in the industry of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, FinTech, Information Technology, and Virtual Currency, Trustology is carving a niche for itself in the world of digital assets protection.

Innovative Bioresearch

Blending biotechnology with blockchain, Innovative Bioresearch provides blockchain services with a scientific twist. While most details about its founders and precise offerings remain discreet, the company operates within the intersection of Biotechnology, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Virtual currency.

Key Coin Assets

Key Coin Assets is a digital assets management company that takes Asset Management to a new level. Applying their understanding of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, they manage both, providing informed strategies for growth.

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Uhive, founded by Jay (Jawad) El-Anis and Muayyad Shehadeh, is a unique social network that introduces its very own digital currency. Users can socialize, interact, and find people across the world, earning virtual currency all the while.


Specialized in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency development, Developcoins provides services for new digital currencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Co-founded by Aaron Bailey and Jordan Walker, Shardax facilitates users to securely exchange, monitor, and manage their digital wealth.

Club Swan

Club Swan is a banking firm and represents a unique fusion of traditional banking with Cryptocurrency and virtual currency, providing services to the digital financial market.

AIMS Group

The AIMS Group provides financial services in the thriving crypto assets, digital financial markets, and virtual currency sectors.


MyMasterWar is a developer of a free blockchain-based metaverse gaming platform, merging the world of virtual currency with gaming.

The Currency Club

The Currency Club primarily offers real exchange rates with complete fee transparency, setting it apart from many traditional currency exchange platforms.


Co-founded by Prateek Dwivedi, Pratik Gauri, and Vilma Mattila, 5ire is a blockchain network that aims to build the 5th industrial revolution, revered as the 5IR, using sustainability and technology.


Developed by Edouard Bessire, Guillaume Gonnaud, and Hugo McDonaugh, myNFT is a multi-chain NFT marketplace that utilizes Blockchain technology to create a marketplace uniquely designed to cater to Cryptocurrency and virtual currencies.


Founded by Ben Austin, Fayre is a multi-chain NFT platform, brand dashboard, and companion app designed to bring the world of NFT closer to both businesses and average users.

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Blockasset bridges the gap between athletes and fans, using blockchain technology to create digital assets and collectibles that can be traded and owned using their platform.

Amara Finance

Amara Finance is a cross-chain financial aggregator, bringing the finance industry to a new level. It operates in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Finance, FinTech, and Virtual Currency industries.

The rise of Blockchain and virtual currency startups in London proves the growth and acceptance of digital assets. From expanded investment opportunities to introducing social media based digital currencies; the startups featured today are reshaping how we view and engage with the financial sector.

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