Which UK Transportation Startups are Shaping the Industry’s Future in 2023?

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The transportation sector in the United Kingdom is undergoing an exciting transformation thanks to an array of startups leveraging technology and innovative business models to redefine and enhance the way we move people and goods. From software revolutionising freight forwarding to an app aiming to overhaul the cab industry, these UK startups are at the forefront of the transportation industry’s digital revolution.

This article will introduce fifteen of such startups, highlighting the services they offer, the industries they operate within, and the visionaries behind them. We hope that these profiles not only shed light on the current state of the UK transportation tech scene but also provide a glimpse into the future of transportation in the country.

Each of these companies is proof that the UK’s startup scene is alive, adventurous, and dedicated to reimagining the way we approach both local and global transportation issues. Get to know these influential startups and how they’re impacting not only the transportation industry but also the world at large.


Transcount is an innovative B2B startup that provides a freight forwarding digitisation software, empowering logistics companies to become digital freight forwarding service providers. Founded by Dovy senas and Dovydas Riasnojus, Transcount is disrupting the Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Transportation industries.

Urban Hawk

Urban Hawk, founded by James Murphy and Robert Sugar, is an analytics and business intelligence startup that turns data into business opportunities. The company operates across various sectors, including Geospatial, Marine Transportation, Big Data, and more.

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Shaping the future of air transportation, Gravity is a British human propulsion technology company founded by Richard Browning. Gravity’s industry-defining work spans across the Mechanical Design and Engineering sectors.

Window Seater

With a love for connection and discovery, Window Seater was founded by Pete Silvester and Richard Edwards. This startup enhances the travel experience by connecting travellers to stories about the locations outside their window. They operate within the Public Transportation, Mobile Apps, and Travel industries.

Gary Fixter Motoring

Despite being named after founder Gary Fixter, Gary Fixter Motoring delivers more than just motoring services, as the startup has a strong footing in the Automotive, Public Transportation, and Transportation industries.


Prang is a Motorist SaaS App created by founders Jiren Maistry and Yashlin Maistry. The company is active in the Mobile Apps, Consumer Software, and Transportation sectors.

Migacore Technologies

Founded by Abheer Kolhatkar and George Brova, Migacore Technologies is a data science startup committed to providing predictive demand forecasting for airlines. The startup operates within the Aerospace, Air Transportation, Machine Learning, and Software industries.


Dubbed ‘the ethical cab app’, Piing aims to revolutionise the Public Transportation industry by ensuring fairness and safety for all parties involved. Founders George Lee and Simeon Miighty envision a world where cab services are just and convenient.

CargoMate Technologies

Container ships can now leave ports early and save millions in fuel costs thanks to the innovative software of CargoMate Technologies. With founders Chris Jones and Dennis Sandmark at the helm, this startup is reshaping the Information Technology, Marine Technology, and Shipping industries.

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Founders Dannan O’Meachair and Rob Jolly are driving the automotive industry forward with Onto. This startup is an electric vehicle subscription service providing a simple solution for driving an electric car.

Litta iOs app

Changing the face of waste management is the Litta iOS app. This startup boasts a 94% recycle rate and a simple click-to-collect service. Co-founder Aaron Georgiou is leading the way to a cleaner and greener future.

Jet Compare

Jetcompare is a leading private jet charter broker based in central London. The company offers services within the Air Transportation, Transportation, and Travel sectors.

LMM Minibuses

Offering affordable minibus hire in London and airport transfer services, LMM Minibuses is a notable player in the UK’s Logistics, Transportation, and Travel sectors.

EMM Minibuses

Another standout business offering minibus hire services is EMM Minibuses. Servicing Essex, they offer competitive rates for services around the clock that extends to airport transfers.

Pegasus Chauffeur

Last but no least, we have Pegasus Chauffeur. Based in London, they specialise in managing chauffeuring services and offer features like online booking and payments. The company operates primarily in the Transportation and Travel Agency industries.

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