Which London-based Nutrition Startups are Revolutionising the UK’s Health Scene?

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Despite a year of challenges that have tested the mettle of every organisation, nutrition startups in London are thriving. At a time when primordial health is more critical than ever, these organisations offer solutions centred around nutrition, wellness, and health tech. Below, we take a look at some of the most unique and innovative nutrition startups hailing from Britain’s capital city.

All of these startups aim to tend to our nutritional needs in an increasingly convenient and personalised way. They recognise that sustainable health and wellbeing are not about ‘quick fixes’. Instead, they’re about an ongoing journey, one that requires continual attention, adaptation and optimisation.

Continue reading to discover more about these 15 exciting companies. Each is changing the nutrition landscape in their own unique way, pushing the boundaries and inspiring a healthier, happier society.

Best In Bag

Best In Bag is a mobile app that rates and ranks your favourite products based on nutritional content. It serves as a trusted adviser, ensuring that consumers can make well-informed decisions about their dietary choices. While not much is given about the founders, it’s clear the startup operates in the Apps, Nutrition, and Software industries.


Co-founded by Alex Blyth, Hugo Jones, and Jeremy Poland, NGX has a hand in the Fitness, Genetics, Health Care, and Nutrition sectors. They have created the world’s first genetically personalised nutrition shake, designing nutrition that is as unique as you.

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Founded by Daniel Murray and Joel Freeman, Heights bolsters brain health and cognitive potential by providing daily nutrients and knowledge. The startup operates within the Health Care, Nutrition, and Wellness industries.

Mini Mealtimes

Mini Mealtimes, the brainchild of Marie Farmer, is a dietician in your pocket. This app eases the stress of knowing what to feed your family, providing assistance around the clock within the Nutrition industry.

Lumina Intelligence

Lumina Intelligence inspires change in the global food, drink, and nutrition sectors through deep, actionable insights. Lumina operates within the Analytics, Information Services, Management Consulting, and Nutrition industries.

The Nest Club

Meera Khanna of The Nest Club offers modern, educational courses and support for antenatal and postnatal care, operating within the Health Care, Nutrition, and Personal Health sectors.


Fathers Andrew Field and Rosh Field established HumbleWarrior to produce functional fizzy drinks crafted with extraordinary plants. This company operates within the Food and Beverage, Health Care, Manufacturing, and Nutrition industries.


Hexis is a personalised fuel planner designed to optimise athletic performance. It operates across the Apps, Fitness, Nutrition, Sports, and Wellness sectors.

Everly Wellness

Founded by the Grima brothers, Dexter and Jason, Everly Wellness aims to provide honest, expertly researched, and personalised nutrition products. Everly Wellness operates in multiple industry sectors including Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Health Care, Nutrition, Retail, Sales, Subscription Service, and Wellness.


CartMe, founded by Andreu Palou March and Tabaré Majem assists you in buying products according to your nutritional needs and preferences. CartMe has its foothold in the Artificial Intelligence, Grocery, Health Care, Mobile, Nutrition, and Sustainability sectors.

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Nutrition Ivy

Founded by Elisabeth Fruehwirth, Nutrition Ivy is an AI-driven virtual nutritionist offering personalised meal recommendations to meet daily nutrition needs. It operates within Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Machine Learning, Nutrition, Personal Health, and Wellness industries.


Founded by Boris Hodakel, Feel offers pure nutritional supplements within the Dietary Supplements, Health Care, Nutrition, and Wellness sectors.


Sam Price’s Alyve is a personalised nutrition company while also offering tailor-made vitamins and home blood test kits. Alyve operates in the Dietary Supplements, Health Care, Home Health Care, Nutrition, Personal Health, and Pharmaceutical sectors.


Founded by Rebekah Brown, MPowder produces high protein vegan powders for women catering to an increasing demand from the female demographic. MPowder is thriving in the E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Nutrition, and Women’s industries.

The Gym Companion

The Gym Companion provides fitness-related content to a global audience, reaching out to people interested in Fitness, Health Care, Information Technology, Internet, and Nutrition sectors.

These 15 London-based nutrition startups are making waves in this vital industry, proving that the British capital is just as much a hub for innovation in the wellness and health sectors as it is for finance and commerce. With a unique blend of human touch and AI-tech, they are lighting up London’s nutrition startup landscape and shaping a healthier future.

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