Who are London’s Rising Stars in Network Security Innovations for 2023?

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London, England – the birthplace of startups that are transforming the network security landscape. With increasing vulnerabilities and cyber threats, these startups ensure the safety of our digital platforms. We’ve curated a list of 15 of these trailblazing companies introducing innovative solutions safeguarding the virtual sphere.

Founded from a shared passion for technology and network security, these start-ups excel in various specialities including Cloud Infrastructure, Cyber Security, Risk Management, and much more. They provide bespoke solutions catering to the needs of a diverse range of industries and sectors.

Their collective mission is clear: to leverage cutting-edge technologies and deliver comprehensive security solutions that protect businesses from cyber threats. So, here they are; fifteen network security startups based in London, striking a blow to cyber threats and ensuring technologic safety for all.

Crydent | Cloud and Support Solutions

Crydent is an IT solutions and services provider, delivering 24/7 IT support, managed services, and modern cloud solutions to businesses across the UK. Founded by Cameron Willer, their robust solutions encompass Network Security, Cloud Computing, and Cloud Infrastructure.


Founded by Oz Alashe and Sean Lumley, CybSafe develops a data analytics and behavioural security platform that assists people in making better security decisions. Their industry focuses range from Cyber Security and Network Security to Software, and Analytics.


HiddenApp, a brainchild of Björn Hall, is a B2B SaaS/Security focused IT asset management platform catering to Apple, PCs, and Chromebooks. The startup specializes in Network Security, IT, and Cyber Security.

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ControlPlane, founded by Andrew Martin, is a Cloud native consultancy securing Kubernetes from supply-chain and runtime attacks with a zero trust, continuous security approach. Their specialities range from cloud and network security to open source and supply chain management.

Risk Ledger

Co-founded by Daniel Saul and Haydn Brooks, Risk Ledger offers the world’s most innovative vendor risk management platform, built on a model of a secure social network. The platform focuses on Cyber Security, Network Security, and Supply Chain Management.


The KYND is a cyber risk startup founded by Andy Thomas, specializing in Computer, Cyber Security, and Network Security.


Smartproxy is a public data access platform focused on providing a proxy server rental service for the highest quality IP addresses. It operates extensively in fields such as Information Technology, Network Security, and Software.

OneFirewall Alliance

Specializing in Computer and Network Security, OneFirewall Alliance provides network security services to prevents malicious cyber activity.

Threat Protect

Threat Protect provides threat monitoring, vulnerability scanning, and security awareness training services. Their key areas of operation are Cyber Security, Network Security, and Privacy.


Zerodai is an information security team productivity framework. Their industry focus revolves around Apps, Information Technology, Network Security, and Software.

Queen Mary Commonwealth of Independent States Society

The Queen Mary Commonwealth of Independent States Society is a non-profit organization providing networking opportunities for students. Their operations primarily take place in the fields of Network Security and Social Networking.


Hyvee.io caters to the renewable energy sector, providing monitoring, communication, video, and cyber security services.


Focusing extensively on Cyber Security and Network Security, Cybercorre is a Cyber security advisory firm, founded by Naveen Vasudeva, that aims to constructively disrupt the cyber and technology advisory.

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Co-founded by Faiz Ahmad Shuja and Muhammad Omar Khan, SIRP develops a risk-based Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR) Platform predominantly focusing on Cyber Security, Network Security, and Software.

Trust Keith

Specializing in Data Centers, IT, Network Security, and Software, Trust Keith combines real humans with technology to seamlessly manage your data protection.

The above startups are each unique, offering diverse solutions to the growing need for digital protection in an increasingly networked world. With such pioneering work, the future of Network Security in London looks brighter than ever.

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