Which London Event Management Startups Are Influencing UK’s Industry in 2023?

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The remarkable abundance of startups in London makes it a vibrant hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. A particularly vibrant sector that has seen significant growth is the Event Management industry. From software-oriented solutions to stop-gap services, these firms are changing the dynamics of event planning and management. Here’s a close look at 15 exciting Event Management startups originating from London.

PRCO Studio

PRCO Studio, is a creative digital marketing agency with roots in international communications. Founded by PRCO, it operates in various industries including Advertising, Event Management, Internet, Marketing, and Social Media.


CO:CUBED, founded by Jeremy Basset, collaborates with FTSE100 companies to help them embrace startup culture and drive innovation. They specialise in Corporate Training, Event Management, Events, Incubators, Innovation Management, Management Consulting, Open Source, and SaaS


Led by founders Darshana Prageeth Manikkuwadura and Shoaib Aslam, EventsX offers a 21st century solution to event planning through their AI-led virtual events platform.


Stitcht, with Mike Christensen at its helm, uses a conversational approach to source authentic user-generated content for brands. They operate within several industries, including Advertising, Communities, Event Management, Marketing, and Video.


Ticketpass is an ethical ticketing platform that challenges the industry norm by capping booking fees and offering users social impact opportunities. Rodrigo Bautista founded the platform which specialises in Event Management and Ticketing.


Realmless, an event service company, founded by Antony Adel, has developed a niche in Content, Event Management, Events, and TV Production.

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TEOOH, founded by Don Stein, introduces an innovative way of hosting virtual events. This platform operates across Communities, Event Management, Events, Information Technology, and Software sectors.

Festival Pro

Festival Pro has a special focus on festivals, conferences, and events through its event management system. The platform provides solutions for the entire lifecycle of a festival’s organization.

LGH Hotel Management

LGH Hotel Management offers a unique hospitality platform which stands at the intersection of Event Management, Hospitality, Hotel, Leisure, and Lifestyle sectors.

The Pathfounder

The Pathfounder is an events and editorial startup examining the colliding worlds of emerging tech, business, and culture. They are a unique blend of Event Management, Events, and Journalism.

1331 Events

1331 Events is an event management company providing services in Event Management, Event Promotion, and Events.


Serving multiple aspects of business promotion, Marketbound offers services in marketing strategy, content development, brand management, event management and marketing training.

Lemon Quarters

Lemon Quarters, founded by Kelly Baynes, is a creative agency that offers a variety of services such as content marketing, website design and development, and social media management. They also offer specialised Event Management services.

Threat Protect

Threat Protect provides threat monitoring, vulnerability scanning, and security awareness training services which come alongside Event Management ensuring the safety of your activities.

Flores Advertising

Flores Advertising is another entrant in this list that brings event management as part of the solution mix. Specialising in advertising and digital marketing, their services include Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Social Media Advertising in addition to Event Management.

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