Which London-Based Professional Services Startups are Shaping UK’s Industry Future?

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London, the heart of the United Kingdom, is home to an array of startups offering professional services in various industries. These include everything from immersive technology companies, digital marketing agencies, consulting firms to software companies. London has always been a fertile ground for startups, with its mix of tech talent, a robust business ecosystem, and access to potential clients and investors. Let’s take a closer look at some exciting, innovative startups providing professional services in London.

These London-based companies are varying in their fields of focus. Still, they are united by a common thread – harnessing technology to fill gaps and solve problems in their respective industries. They range from providing business acceleration solutions, augmented reality applications, immigration rule guidance, to providing unique marketing strategies. Each of them stands out in their unique way within their sectors.

In this article, we delve deeper into the stories, missions, areas of expertise, and founding teams behind these promising London startups. We hope to instill the spirit of innovative entrepreneurship in our readers and provide valuable insights into the dynamic London startup scene.

Juggle Jobs

Juggle Jobs is an Information Technology company with a difference. Founded by Romanie Thomas, their SaaS platform is tailored for the future of work, weaving together Professional Services, Recruiting, and Software for improving efficiency of businesses.


wherecani.live provides a unique service that allows users to search thousands of immigration rules in seconds, helping them discover where they can live. This company sits at the intersection of the Consulting, Internet, Online Portals, and Professional Services industries.

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Founded by Stephen Powell and Steve Duckworth, HarmonyPSA is the next generation of PSA solution. This cloud-based end-to-end business automation software is accessible on any device, providing an impressive array of functionalities for boosting business productivity and efficiency.


CDCA was founded by Charles David Churchill to provide management consulting services to financial institutions. Drawing from expertise in Consulting, Professional Services, and Management Consulting, they offer strategic and practical solutions to their clients.


Arcade is an Immersive Technology Company with a diverse range of services. Founded by Jon Meggitt and Simon Hobbs, they encompass fields such as Apps, Augmented Reality, Consulting, Digital Entertainment, Digital Marketing, Mobile Apps, Professional Services, Software, Video Games.

Seat Unique

Seat Unique is an online marketplace for buying official hospitality packages and VIP tickets to live sports, music, and cultural events. They blend the Events, Hospitality, Professional Services, Recreation, and Ticketing industries to provide a seamless and memorable experience for their clients.


Vatix helps organisations protect their lone workers and streamline day-to-day processes by offering Cloud Data Services, Professional Services, and Software solutions.

The Coaching Masters

The Coaching Masters offers an array of services including marketing, branding, sales process, social media coaching & consulting, and outsourcing, proving that the field of Professional Services is highly diverse and covers a multitude of sectors.


Saasleads.io assists SaaS tech firms in building teams through unique programs and training. They operate at the unique confluence of Information Technology, Professional Services, and Training industries.

Great Worqs

Great Worqs is an influencer agency delivering campaigns in the fashion, beauty, gaming, and tech sectors by providing innovative Advertising and Professional Services.

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Ballinger & Co.

Founded by Tom Dudderidge, Ballinger & Co. is a specialised FX broker that offers foreign exchange services to businesses and institutional clients worldwide, proving once again that the Professional Services industry is incredibly broad and diverse.


Mindfuture is a streaming management company founded by Filip Gorski. Their expertise lies in live streaming, gaming, events, sports marketing, and esports advertising. This is an amazing blend between technology and professional services creating a booming pocket within the eSports and Gaming industries.


Anmut is a consulting firm that focuses on empowering people by measuring and valuing data, providing them with the evidence they need to optimize their information and business.

BDB Pitmans

BDB Pitmans, a legal firm known for its work with charities and individuals. Apart from this, they offer vast legal services in the Professional Services industry.

Lyeloon Limited

Founded by Dharan Desai and Lyeloon Kazi, Lyeloon Limited is a company that helps startups manage their finance function by providing CFO, Controller and Bookkeeping Services at minimal cost.

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