Which UK Home Health Care Startups Are Transforming the Industry?

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The health care industry is an ever-changing, always evolving field, which in recent years has seen significant advancements, particularly within the home health care sector. Due to changes in medical technology and the ageing population, many health treatment options traditionally provided within hospitals and clinics have now been transferred to home health care. This evolution has been further catalysed by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has highlighted the need for effective health care service provision within the privacy and safety of people’s homes. The following explores some of the most innovative home health care startups and companies in the UK that are changing the face of health care as we know it.


Gogodoc is a startup specialising in healthcare, doctors, general practitioners, health services, and health industries. The company, founded by Charles Bosco, Raj Siva, and Vijay Sivapalan, is ushering in a new era for health care by delivering 24/7 access to general practitioners through video consultations, with one of their key focuses being on providing access to primary care in patients’ homes.


Tendertec is leveraging artificial intelligence and sensor technology to improve elder care. They offer innovative solutions for assisted living, fitness, and wellness, among other areas. Co-founded by Afroditi Maria Konidari and Rui Zhang, this startup aims to provide better care anytime and anywhere through the power of AI.

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Vitrue Health

Vitrue Health uses computer vision technology to assess and treat musculoskeletal issues such as back pain. Founded by Alex Haslehurst and Shane Lowe, the company is working on making health diagnostics, home health care, and wellness more accessible to all.

Priory Care Services

Priory Care Services offers experienced home care services that involve individual care programmes developed with discretion. Founded by Muhomud Sheikh, they focus on elder care, nursing and residential care and wellness.

My Online Therapy

My Online Therapy is a virtual psychology clinic offering mobile mental health services. Founded by Dr. Elena Touroni, Dr. Tom Pennybacker, and Elettra Bianchi Dennerlein, the app bridges the gap between users and mental health professionals effectively and conveniently.


Smol is an eco-friendly startup delivering laundry capsules and dishwasher tablets to people’s homes. Founded by Nick Green and Paula Quazi, it combines consumer goods and home health care to create a healthier environment within homes.

The Nourish App

The Nourish App, founded by Sara Campin, is a self-care platform offering tools and courses on wellbeing for parents.

Wren Healthcare

Wren Healthcare is a home healthcare service provider offering clinical trials, pharmaceutical services, and training.


Levitate is a startup helping people find calm in a chaotic world through mindfulness and breathwork. Founded by Ryan Nell, it offers resources and tools to support individuals and organisations to thrive.

CARE 24-7

CARE 24-7 provides personalised home care and dementia Services.


Blueleaf is a healthcare company that designs and supplies care homes globally and provides consultancy services.

Caring Folk

Caring Folk offers personal care and home care services.

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CarersDirect, co-founded by Alistair Trow and Philip Martyn-Smith is a matching platform for self-funder care seekers to link with experienced care assistants, offering services including domiciliary care, live-in & overnight care.

PCL Health

PCL Health, founded by Deepti Atrish, Stewart Southey, Tornike Asatiani, is a B2B SaaS connected care platform with IoTs, mobile Apps and Online Clinician Dashboard.

Syrona Health

Syrona Health, co-founded by Anya Roy and Chantelle Bell, is a digital health solution offering personalised gynaecology services across life-stages, from endometriosis to menopause.

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