Which London Shipping Startups Are Revolutionising UK’s Freight Industry Today?

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An Exciting Dive into London’s Shipping Startups

The startup ecosystem in London has given birth to a number of innovative companies, with the shipping industry being no exception. A slew of new enterprises are leveraging technology to modernize marine commerce, transform logistics, and streamline global trade. By harnessing AI, blockchain, machine learning, and other advanced technologies, these unheralded heroes of commerce are making waves. Let’s dust off the spyglass and chart a course through London’s exciting shipping startups.

Whether they’re disrupting traditional freight services with digital solutions, providing advanced vessel optimization, or creating virtual maritime ecosystems, these startups showcase the profound revolution taking place in shipping and logistics. Their innovative approaches are not only changing the way business is conducted but also how goods are transported across the globe. The impact of these industry trailblazers on global shipping is impossible to overstate and undoubtedly deserves to be illuminated.”

The shipping industry, a crucial segment of the global economy, is experiencing an unprecedented transition powered by technology. With new models of shipping services offering more streamlined operations and optimised customer experience, it’s worth throwing the spotlight on these groundbreaking startups that are rewriting the rules in this age-old industry.


Zencargo is revolutionising the shipping industry by offering digital freight services to businesses. Founded by Alex Hersham, Jan Riethmayer, and Richard Fattal, this innovative company is streamlining global trade and taking it into the digital age. Zencargo leverages the power of technology to simplify logistics, making every part of the supply chain less complex and more efficient.

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DeepSea Technologies

DeepSea Technologies specializes in AI-powered vessel optimization. This forward-thinking startup founded by Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos and Robert Coustas is using the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform the maritime industry. Check out the DeepSea Technologies website to learn more about their services.

Startup Wharf Ltd

Startup Wharf is the brainchild of Leonardo Zangrando. It’s a virtual global Maritime Startup Ecosystem that is working to streamline marine technology and transportation. Startup Wharf is an independent platform that houses various ventures under one roof, serving as the hub of marine innovations.


HILO Maritime Risk Management is a company dedicated to mitigating risks associated with global shipping. Recognizing that shipping is a vital element of global trade, HILO is making the seas safer for business by focusing on maritime risk management.


In the realm of fashion, Ultamodan is leveraging shipping technologies to redefine women’s shopping experience. As an online women’s clothing shop, Ultamodan operates at the intersection of e-commerce, fashion, and shipping, bringing trendy fashion wear to a global clientele.


Founded by Tejas Dave, Avasam is a full-service dropshipping marketplace that eliminates the need for retailers to hold inventory. Avasam connects suppliers and sellers, simplifying the process of shipping products to customers.


eShelf is bringing interior decoration to your doorstep. It offers an eclectic selection of home decor products that can be delivered right to your home. Visit the eShelf website to explore their comprehensive catalogue.

InsureMyTrans UK Ltd

InsureMyTrans specialises in insurance intermediary services with a focus on commercial insurance. Antonie Smaal and Krystian Hadi founded InsureMyTrans to offer businesses an easy and reliable way to insure their goods during shipping and transportation.

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An on-demand courier service, Wuhu is simplifying city logistics like never before. It provides fast and efficient courier services to local businesses, helping them meet the delivery demands of their customers.


Founded by Bogomil Alexandrov and Martin Iliev, CargoCoin is blending shipping and blockchain technology to provide efficient solutions. CargoCoin’s decentralized cargo protocol offers a unique solution for logistics by reducing fraud, increasing transparency, and optimizing costs.


MARLO, founded by Saravana Sivasankaran and Saul Greenberg, is the world’s first lending platform for the ocean freight industry. This FinTech startup is making leaps in transforming the financial aspects of global trade.


Optimiz enables remote containerized cargo inspections and claims optimization. Kingsly Kwalar, the founder of Optimiz, utilizes agtech, insurtech, IT, and logistics to transform how cargo inspections are conducted.


Mikal Boe’s CORE POWER employs advanced atomic technologies to challenge heavy transport and industry. This startup is pioneering in providing clean and efficient energy solutions for marine transportations and industry.


ShipScope is providing an e-learning platform dedicated to commercial shipping. Conceived by Akash Pise, ShipScope offers an opportunity for new learners and professionals to learn about the dynamic world of commercial shipping.

Modern Marine Solutions

Lastly, Modern Marine Solutions provides a smart ISM document control system. Modern Marine Solutions makes managing shipping documents easier and more efficient, allowing shipping companies to focus on their core operation.

These startups represent the pioneering spirit of the UK’s booming shipping industry. With their innovative ideas and disruptive technologies, they are changing the maritime landscape and charting new waters for the future of shipping.

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