Which UK Startups Lead in Future-Driven Marketing Automation Innovations?

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Marketing automation is fast becoming integral to businesses seeking to streamline their processes, deliver more personalised and efficient customer experiences, and drive growth. As the startup landscape evolves, innovative companies are emerging with unique approaches and technologies that explore unprecedented applications of marketing automation. From harnessing the power of AI to location-based marketing, we bring attention to 15 of the most exciting marketing automation startups in the UK.

These startups span various sectors from Information Technology to Retail, exhibiting the broad-reaching impact of marketing automation solutions. Founders with diverse backgrounds have brought their collective knowledge to bear, inventing and refining novel applications with impressive results. We dive into the backstory, current impact, and future potential of each of these promising companies.

The burgeoning digital era and the consumer demand for more personalised experiences are shaping the future of marketing. Innovations introduced by startups are at the frontlines, addressing these evolving needs. Read on to discover how some of the most groundbreaking marketing automation startups in the UK are revolutionising industries.


Loc8tech, a location-based marketing and communication platform, leverages location information to provide personalised marketing solutions. Operating in the IT, Marketing Automation, and Location-Based Services sectors, Loc8tech creates compelling engagement experiences. Find more about Loc8tech here.

Opinov8 Technology Services

Founded by Christian Aaen and Craig Wilson, Opinov8 Technology Services stands at the intersection of technology and marketing. With a unique blend of product delivery methods and customer success strategies, they serve a spectrum of needs from software engineering to marketing automation. Explore Opinov8 Technology Services.

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Specialising in Conversion Optimization, Bouncezap provides strategic digital marketing tools that power up e-commerce. Co-founded by Hitesh Patel, Bouncezap helps businesses redirect online traffic towards increased productivity. See more on Bouncezap.

ACCEDOR Marketing

ACCEDOR, a B2B digital marketing agency, blends innovative strategies to deliver impeccable services. From content marketing, e-commerce, email marketing to marketing automation, they leverage their capabilities to achieve results. Discover more about ACCEDOR Marketing.


Boosting brands’ revenue through real-time personalised offers, RevLifter uses an AI-powered system. Founders Ryan Kliszat and Simon Bird help enterprises through marketing automation, personalisation, and machine learning techniques. Uncover more about RevLifter.

Lead Intuition

Co-founded by Jean O’Donovan and Mark Godfrey, Lead Intuition is a marketing automation and sales enablement software provider. They offer solutions for businesses in the IT, Sales Automation, and Software sectors. Find out more about Lead Intuition.


Steven Lloyd-Barlow’s vidbuild provides a platform to create professional videos in minutes. They offer a broad range of services from advertising, brand marketing, digital marketing, to marketing automation. Delve into vidbuild.


Specialising in unlocking retailers’ potential through Google Shopping, Bidnamic utilises machine learning technology. Antonio Reyes, Dr. Ingvar Kraatz, and Liam Patterson co-founded this firm. Explore more about Bidnamic.


Co-founders Alex Robinson and Robert Van Den Bergh birthed Scribeless with a mission to help brands personify their marketing. Their range of services includes advertising, direct marketing, and marketing automation. Uncover more about Scribeless.


Joshua Jacobson and Nick Edwards formed Feed to provide a set-and-forget digital advertising solution for creators and micro-businesses. Discover more about Feed.

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Notifia provides marketing and automation tools to help brands enrich their advertising and sales endeavours. Find out more about Notifia.


Saastronomical offers an array of services from automation tools to marketing, accounting, and business processes. They work as an IT consultancy firm streamlining business development. See more on Saastronomical.


Founded by Steph Eady, Mission10 specialises in content creation, marketing automation, digital advertising, SEO, etc. They provide comprehensive marketing services tailored to meet diverse needs. Explore more about Mission10.

Solvi Solutions

Offering a range of services such as software development, data collection, and digital marketing, Solvi Solutions secures a place in the arena of IT and marketing automation. Uncover more about Solvi Solutions.


Phil Slorick’s Airbase is a CRM and marketing automation agency. They offer brands comprehensive solutions to enhance their customer relationship management and sales automation. Discover more about Airbase.

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