Which UK Developer Platform Startups are Revolutionising England’s Tech Scene?

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Development Platform Startups are a crucial part of the digital economy, providing tools and systems for developers to create the applications and services we use every day. Many of these innovative companies are based right here in the UK, leading the charge in technological advancement. Here are 15 Developer Platform Startups, UK-based, making waves in the tech industry right now.

Swiftspeed Appcreator

Swiftspeed Appcreator founded by Akinola Akinade is a no-code platform for making cross platform mobile applications. They’re revolutionising Software and Developer Platform Industries by making mobile application development accessible for everyone, not just those with coding experience.

Subtree Inc.

Dotmesh by Subtree Inc., led by Luke Marsden, offers a powerful Cloud-native data management system that enhances developers’ control over data. They have left a significant mark in the Developer Tools, Software, and Enterprise Software fields by providing a simplified and consolidated data management platform.


Founded by Ian Drew and Tyler Baker, Foundries.io provides secure, over-the-air software updating solutions for embedded product development. Operating in both Software and Information Technology industries, this platform is all about enhancing developers’ experience and ensuring secure and efficient product development.


Dataform is the brainchild of Guillaume-Henri Huon and Lewis Hemens. It provides a platform for managing data pipelines in data warehouses. With their focus in Developer Platform and Big Data fields, they are making data manipulation and management more efficient and easy to use.

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Kinfo is a unique player in the Developer Platform field. This startup offers a platform for free e-commerce applications specialising in baby products, including toys, books, and clothing.


Augnet, founded by Daniel Gill, brings SMS into the 21st century. They operate in the Developer Platform, Telecommunications, and Software industries and are changing the way developers utilise SMS for applications and services.

Modularity Grid

Modularity Grid, led by Elizabeth Nyeko, provides an impressive data and intelligence platform that accelerates the deployment of renewable energy assets. This startup combines CleanTech, Developer Platforms, and Internet of Things (IoT), creating an innovative solution for renewable energy development.


Tatum founded by Jiri Kobelka and Samuel Šramko, offers a platform for developers to utilise blockchain technology, regardless of the blockchain. They’re contributing to the Blockchain and PaaS ecosystem by making it easy for businesses to build and manage their blockchain applications.

Sail CI

Sail CI is a cloud native continuous integration platform founded by Christopher Shepherd and Jonathan Sharratt. It offers unlimited concurrency as standard, serving as a game-changer in Web Development and Software industries.


ARWAY is a Spatial Mapping Platform providing key services needed to build the Metaverse. Led by Baran Korkmaz, Damien Arnaud, and Dovydas Bereisa, the startup is innovating in mapping services, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality.

CRUZEO Protocol

CRUZEO Protocol, founded by Carlo Mannino and Doris Schioberg, allows users to build decentralised marketplaces with ease and scale.


Weavr developed by Adrian Mizzi and Alex Mifsud, is an online platform that creates, integrates, deploys, and runs digital payment flows. This startup is transforming the payment field, allowing developers to integrate and manage payments easily.

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TeraHelix, founded by Jack Steenkamp, Suraj Shah, and Tasos Kontogiorgos, is an enterprise-scale platform accelerator providing data infrastructure technologies. In the Developer Platform and Enterprise Software industries, this startup is shaping how businesses manage and utilise their data.


Webiny, founded by Sven Al Hamad, offers serverless adoptions. This provides developers with an easy-to-use developer platform and developer tools that assist them in creating better and more efficient websites.


Almate, created by George Novik, connects businesses with affordable talented agencies for rapid development. With a focus on Business Information Systems and Developer Platform industries, this startup is empowering businesses to develop quickly by leveraging cheap yet skilled agency resources.

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