Who Are London’s Most Influential Publishing Startups Shaping 2023?

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The publishing industry is an essential element of Britain’s vibrant economy. London has become an epicentre for innovation and disruption, hosting many startups pushing the boundaries of traditional publishing. From digital advertising firms to machine learning businesses, these startups strive to redefine publishing while ensuring the delivery of quality content. This article will take you through some fascinating publishing startups based in London, showcasing their vision and explaining how they are transforming the industry as we know it.

As the digital age advances, the way people consume content continues to evolve, providing opportunities for these startups to introduce innovative solutions and make their mark in the industry. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and augmented reality, these companies provide unique solutions for content creators, advertisers, marketers and publishers. For readers and consumers, these innovations enhance the content consumption experience, making it more interactive and engaging.

Below we explore 15 of these promising London-based publishing startups. We will look at what they do, their industry and their founders. Each of these startups has a unique approach to different areas of publishing, demonstrating the diverse nature of this sector.


Face2trade is a first-rate producer of quality ad services. Its mission revolves around ensuring the preservation of its reputation in delivering superior ad services. Face2trade operates within the sectors of Advertising, Internet, Marketing, Media and Entertainment, Mobile Advertising and Publishing.

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Ufurnish.com is the UK’s largest search and discovery platform for home furniture and furnishings. It was founded by Deirdre Mc Gettrick and Raymond Wright. The startup operates in the Business Intelligence, E-Commerce, Internet, Publishing, and Search Engine industries.

Fadew Inc

Fadew Inc is a digital publishing holding company. As the parent company of Fadew magazine, Fadew Inc aims to mirror the rich heritage of British publishing in a digital era.


unrd is reinventing the way entertainment is delivered by blending Hollywood-grade plots with unique mobile storytelling techniques. The startup was founded by Adam Lowe and Shib Hussain and belongs to the Apps, Media and Entertainment, Publishing industries.

Algorithm X Lab

Algorithm X Lab offers AI and machine learning news, insights, market research and events for business leaders. Outcome-oriented, Algorithm X Lab aims to harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to influence business leadership and strategies positively.


Transfon builds modern digital infrastructures for digital publishers and marketers. Their innovative solutions empower publishers and marketers to thrive in a digital marketplace that’s growing more complex by the day.

OTP London Ltd

Startup tech company, OTP London Ltd, are the software publishers of the OTP.AR WORLD App. Broadly, the startup operates in fields such as Augmented Reality, Big Data, Dating, ICT, Mobile Apps, Publishing, Social Network, and Software.

Deep Zen

Deep Zen is an AI company specialising in audiobook production and voiceovers, aiming to revolutionise the audio industry with its groundbreaking solutions.


Zephr is a technology platform designed to help media companies grow their subscription revenue, offering solutions that optimise and enhance Subscriptions Management.

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Hipgnosis Songs Fund

Hipgnosis Songs Fund provides investors with a unique exposure to songs and their associated musical intellectual property rights, bridging the gap between the music industry and the financial market.


Recently launched startup How.to, is an early-stage discovery platform and managed marketplace, pioneering new ways of connecting users with information and learning resources.

Tortoise Media

Tortoise Media is shaping a new kind of newsroom, offering “slow news” as an antidote to today’s fast-paced, instant-gratification oriented news environment.

The Ozone Project

The Ozone Project aims to provide advertisers with a transparent, brand-safe platform for programmatic advertising, directly targeting audiences on a large scale.

CYBR Magazine

CYBR Magazine is a futuristic, tech-culture focused publication that utilises augmented reality technologies to create captivating content and enhance the readers’ experience.

Mail Metro Media

Mail Metro Media is the advertising division of two of the UK’s most popular media brands – Daily Mail and Metro. Together they deliver innovative and impactful advertising solutions in both print and digital formats.

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