Which UK Document Management Startups are Influencing the Industry in 2023?

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The United Kingdom is home to numerous innovative startups that are putting digital document management at the forefront of their operations. These startups are not just transforming the way businesses handle their day-to-day document-related tasks but also paving the way for more efficient, secure, and cost-effective business operations. This article showcases some of the most promising document management startups based in the United Kingdom.

Document management involves the use, control, storage, and retrieval of documents in a way that is both efficient and reliable. With the growing trend of digital transformation across industries, there’s a need for robust document management solutions that can handle large volumes of business data and information while ensuring that critical documents are accessible and safeguarded against loss or theft.

These 15 UK-based startups have recognised this need and have set out to offer unique, innovative document management solutions for businesses across different sectors. From AI-driven document processing to digital dashboards for contract management, these startups are truly pioneering a new era of document management.


Rossum is an AI-based cloud document gateway startup leading in automated business communication. Founded by Petr Baudis, Tomas Gogar and Tomas Tunys, it operates in the sectors of Artificial Intelligence, Document Management, Machine Learning, SaaS and Software.


Transcount, established by Dovy Senas and Dovydas Riasnojus, is a freight forwarding digitization software enabling logistics companies to transform into digital freight forwarding service providers. This startup operates in a broad range of industries including B2B, CRM, Document Management, ERP, Enterprise Software, IT, Logistics, Software, Supply Chain Management, and Transportation.

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SEDNA is an Intelligent Communications System that serves as the primary digital workspace for teams working on complex projects. The startup, founded by Bill Dobie, operates in the sectors of Communications Infrastructure, Document Management, Email, SaaS and Software.


AccountingHub.io, founded by Kieran Fitzsimons, is a practice management software for accountancy. The startup operates in the sectors of CRM, Document Management, E-Signature, Online Portals, SaaS, Software, Task Management, and Web Development.

Car Cloud Community

Car Cloud Community is a consumer-facing app that eliminates the need for paper in insurance and license plate registration. The startup operates in the Automotive and Document Management sectors.

3B Forms

3B Forms is the first free Document Collection and e-contracts solution for the Salesforce platform. Founded by James Ridge, the startup operates in the sectors of Document Management, Information Technology, and Software.


FirstHomeCoach, founded by Ben Leonard and Paul Carse, is an app designed to guide you through the entire house buying process. It operates in the sectors of Document Management and Residential.


Dokkit is a software agency that generates cloud-based O & Ms and H & S digital handover documents for the construction industry. It operates in the sectors of Document Management, Document Preparation, and Software.


OneRegistry is an ecosystem company that offers portfolio management, equity, stakeholder communication, dashboards, and a document library. It operates in the sectors of Cloud Management, Document Management, and Software.


Infoboss automates the management and processing data of businesses. The startup operates in the sectors of Document Management, Industrial Automation, Information Services, SaaS, and Software.

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Proapps365 is a software development company that offers email store 365, calendar hub, and document review services. The startup operates in sectors of Document Management, Software, and Web Development.


Summize, founded by David Smith and Tom Dunlop, is a game changer for businesses that work with contracts. It operates in sectors of Contact Management, Document Management, Legal, Legal Tech, and Software.


Pigro helps people find clear-cut answers inside the ever-growing knowledge bases of their organizations. Founded by Ahmed Nasser, Armando Fontana, and Nicola Abbasciano, this startup operates in the sectors of Artificial Intelligence, Document Management, Information Technology, Internet, Knowledge Management, and Software.


CloudStratex is a tech company that leverages next-generation technologies that assist businesses in self-sufficiency. It operates in the sectors of Consulting, Document Management, and Enterprise Applications.

Libris Group

Libris Group provides managed nationwide document scanning services across the UK. It operates in the sectors of Archiving Service, Document Management, and Document Preparation.

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