Which UK Property Management Startups are Shaping the Industry’s Future?

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Start-ups across sectors are becoming increasingly common as more people embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. The UK property management industry is likewise experiencing an influx of innovative start-ups, providing a range of services from co-living operators to tech-based rental platforms. Let’s take a closer look at some of these fascinating UK-based property management start-ups.

These start-ups not only provide much-needed services in a growing and competitive real estate market but are doing so with innovative methods, often leveraging cutting-edge technology. They are rewriting the rules of property management, offering improved and optimized services for both property owners and occupants.

Outlined below are some pertinent details about 15 of these forward-thinking property management start-ups, their industry focus, and their founders, further showcasing the diversity and ingenuity present within the UK property management landscape.


Respublica was founded by Ravi Sharma and Suraj Sharma. It operates in a space that combines property development and management, with a focus on providing co-living accommodation solutions.

Gaffa Property Investments Ltd

Although Gaffa Property Investments Ltd does not have a website, it is known for its expertise in project management and property management. This local property developer and investor is known for being highly experienced in the field.


Founded by Saurabh Saxena, Houzen operates in asset management, financial services, internet, property management, and real estate. Its unique selling point lies in its Computer Vision and AI-led platform for nurturing home equity value.

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With Sara Statman at the helm, IDcheck combines biometrics, compliance, cybersecurity, identity management, IT, property management, real estate, and rental property sectors, offering Biometric Screening & KYC as a SaaS.


Another Sara Statman initiative, LetFaster provides automated tenant screening as a SaaS, straddling various sectors from Biometrics to Real Estate.

PA Housing

A nonprofit focused on property management and real estate, PA Housing offers rental and independent living housing solutions.


Launched by Aaron Short, John Lomas, and Matthew Meekins, Accommodation.co.uk is a hybrid tech-enabled letting agency with comprehensive UK coverage.


Rentir, founded by Andrew Paterson, is a unique letting solution that combines long & short term rentals to maximise property yield.

Twinkl Property and Twinkl Property Management

Founded by Jonathan Seaton and Susie Seaton, Twinkl Property focuses on property management. They also steer Twinkl Property Management, which operates in the same sector.


PropertyCard, set up by Oliver Muller, is a digital platform touted as the world’s property super app.

Bike Hutch

David Gamble and Martin Wilson’s Bike Hutch merges cycling, mobile apps, mobile payments, property management, and transportation sectors.


Launched by Noemi Staehelin, Sam Phillips, and Tom Allason, Residently is a mobile application providing property rental services for agents, property managers, and institutional landlords.


Founded by Camran Khan, brightLET is a multi-award-winning automated property rental technology provider servicing landlords, tenants, and tradesmen.


William Cowell de Gruchy’s Infogrid offers an AI technology solution that automates building management, covering sectors from Artificial Intelligence to Software.

In conclusion, the UK property management landscape is ripe with innovative start-ups. These companies are finding new and improved ways of providing services, often incorporating groundbreaking technology for better results. It’s an exciting space to watch, and we look forward to seeing what fresh innovations these and other start-ups will bring to the table in the years to come.

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