Which UK Education Startups are Revolutionizing Learning in 2023?

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UK education startups are blooming like never before. With various unique specializations, our homegrown startups are making waves across a wide range of industries from academic writing services and marketplaces for students to innovative tech focusing on graduate outcomes. Here, we showcase 15 interesting Education startups in the UK that are certainly worth keeping an eye on.

Through their unique approach and focus on niches areas within the education industry, these startups are revolutionising the way we learn. They are not only enhancing the student experience but are also working towards making it more accessible, inclusive, and personalised to cater to the needs of a diverse set of learners.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive in and explore these innovative startups making a significant difference in the education industry.

Paper Lords

Paper Lords is a unique start-up providing academic writing services executed by PhD qualified experts. The genius of this company lies in its effort to facilitate the academic journey of students at different levels of education. The Founders of this startup are not disclosed.


Sliips, a technology startup, is carving a niche in the education sector with its focus on graduate outcomes for universities. The startup was founded by Patrick McConnell and Thomas Ridings who are working to enhance the higher education framework through this high-impact solution.

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SellMyRuler.com is an intriguing startup providing an online marketplace specifically for students and graduates. The brilliance of this startup lies in its unique concept and its lucidity. Jamie Walmsley co-founded the company which exists to help learners save while buying necessary items and yield returns from things they no longer need.

Dicey Tech

Dicey Tech, founded by Alex Alexandrescu and Sofiane Bebert, is empowering tomorrow’s innovators through project-based learning. This Edtech company is busy building the education infrastructure for Industry 4.0.

Vue Pay

Vue Pay allows users to earn money via live streaming. This start-up is revolutionizing the Education industry by letting users access or gain from their knowledge or skills. The founders of the company aren’t disclosed yet.


Focusing on powering content aggregation with machine learning and monetizing community intelligence with cryptocurrency, Ensembl, founded by Graham Tonkin is making a strong impact in the edtech industry.


Vevolution, founded by Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel, is a remarkable combination of Communities, Education, FinTech, and SaaS. It represents how startups today can cross industry boundaries to provide innovative solutions.


Known for being a digital transformation and organisational change management software technology firm, Zenaxys is making its mark in the industry. The founders of this startup have not been disclosed.

Dissertation Writers UK

Dissertation Writers UK is an online portal connecting students with the best dissertation writers, providing them with the best academic assistance they could find. The founders of this start-up are undisclosed.


RiVR is a leading developer of photorealistic virtual reality interactive experiences, integrating technology with education. Founded by Alex Harvey and Rich Jones, the startup is helping redefine the way we learn and interact with our learning environments.



Uplatz is UK-based leading global training provider with high-end training in cutting-edge technologies, software, cloud and data. Founded by Bhaskar and Indu Khemchandani, Uplatz is helping individuals and businesses alike enhance their IT skills.


Villge, a trusted community of support for families and those working with them, is standing out in the education and health sector. Dean Eastwood and Lee-Anne Eastwood have developed an impressive platform that shows how education, health care, and technology can intersect to create something truly unique.


Wonder is a remarkable platform offering the latest inventions. This inventive startup was founded by Alex Berezovskiy and Renat Galyamov and is influencing a multitude of sectors including education and robotics.


Currikula aims to help students achieve better grades. Founders Justin Moryto and Sam Loyd are working to enhance the learning process using modern technologies and smart techniques.

The Centre for Finance, Technology & Entrepreneurship

The Centre for Finance, Technology & Entrepreneurship is an educational platform for the finance industry. Founders Huy Nguyen Trieu and Tram Anh Nguyen have established a platform that serves as a channel for those in the finance industry to broaden their understanding of finance-oriented tehnologies.

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