Which Glasgow Financial Services Startups are Shaping the Industry in 2023?

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The city of Glasgow has hosted a burgeoning financial services industry, with a range of innovative startups emerging in recent years. These emerging businesses are shaking up the traditional finance sector with technology-driven solutions. These startups are offering a variety of services from wealth management to financial advice and fintech solutions. Here are 15 interesting financial services startups operating out of Glasgow:


Soar is a fintech startup in Glasgow that is committed to building a better financial society. Founded by Andrew Duncan, Soar operates in the Financial Services and Fintech industries. Their goal is to foster a fairer, more inclusive financial system. You can visit their website here.


Accountables is a fintech platform that provides a range of financial services, particularly focussed on accounting solutions and support for small to medium enterprises. Find them here.

Sonik Pocket

Co-founded by Usman Yaseen, Sonik Pocket is an educational money management platform specially tailored for children. They operate in the e-commerce, education, and financial services industries. Learn more from their website.

AD+ Financial

Specialising in advice on investments, mortgages, pensions, and more, AD+ Financial operates in the advice, consulting, financial services, and wealth management industries. You can visit them here.

Blue Thistle Advisory

Blue Thistle Advisory, founded by Markus Lohr, is a financial consultancy firm offering services in asset allocation, portfolio construction, and investment. You can find them here.

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Gerber, Landa & Gee

Gerber, Landa & Gee offers an array of services in accounting, audit, payroll support and more. They operate in the accounting, finance, and financial services industries. You can visit their website here.

Bifrost Wealth

Founded by Andreas Pogiatzis, Dino Lauria Ubatuba de Faria and Lorenzo Berg, Bifrost Wealth provides a range of services related to wealth management, finance, and investment. Visit them here.

ZLX Business Solutions

Co-founded by Steve McCallion, ZLX Business Solutions specialises in securing claims in the field of R&D tax credit, capital allowances and land remediation. More information can be found here.


Know-it, founded by Lynne Darcey Quigley, offers cloud-based credit management and accounting solutions. Check them out here.


BlackArrow is a financial services firm that offers insights and guidance to its clients. Visit their website here.


Founded by Chris Timms, Fortus is a dynamic firm offering services in auditing, accounting, taxation, payroll, and corporate finance. You can check out their services here.


Co-founded by Ana Gallacher and Irina Del Villar, BabyReady is a finance tool that aims to make childcare costs transparent and help first-time parents save for their children’s future. More about BabyReady here.


CrowdX is an equity-based crowdfunding platform operating in the consulting and financial services industries. More about CrowdX here.

Unbiased & Intuitive

Specialising in digital innovation and strategies for the financial services sector, Unbiased & Intuitive operates in the developer platform and financial services industries. Visit them here.

Envoy Financial

Lastly, Envoy Financial offers advice on property-related mortgages. They operate in the advice, commercial lending, and financial services sectors. Access their services here.

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Whether it’s about making better financial decisions, supporting business operations, or fostering financial education, these Glasgow-based financial services startups are injecting innovation and fresh thinking into the world of finance.

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