Which UK HR Startups Are Revolutionising the Employment Industry Today?

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In the UK, the startups landscape is brimming with innovative ideas, developing solutions for various sectors. The human resources industry is not exempt. Home-grown startups are tapping into the potential of technology and data analysis, ensuring HR processes are more efficient and effective. The following highlights 15 UK-based HR startups that are taking the sector by storm with their trailblazing ideas.

With efforts ranging from leveraging employee networks for hiring to building fair and engaged workforces using AI and machine learning, these startups are changing the landscape of human resources. For our readers interested in human resources, talent acquisition, and the impact of technology and data on these fields, these startups offer something exciting and new.

Here, we will delve into the innovative startups that are poised to revolutionize human resources in the UK. We will look at the unique solutions they provide, the industries they cater to, and the visionaries that brought them to existence.


JOBVINE, founded by Joubert Botha, provides integrated solutions for permanent and freelance employment, leading the critical shift into the digital era of the gig economy within the human resources industry.

Real Links

Co-founder Sam Davies has established Real Links, a platform that allows HR teams to save on recruitment costs and hire better candidates using their employees’ networks. Real Links operates in the software segment of the human resources sector.

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Gapsquare, founded by Ion Suruceanu and Zara Nanu, offers data intelligence, machine learning, and AI solutions to help companies build fair, engaged, and productive workforces. They extend their services to various industries, including artificial intelligence, big data, cloud services, data visualization, machine learning, predictive analytics, SaaS, and software development, among others.

Truckingjobs.co.uk Ltd

Truckingjobs.co.uk Ltd is a niche job site that advertises job vacancies for HGV drivers in the haulage industry.


StaffCircle, founded by Mark Seemann, is a platform that manages and motivates remote employees through performance management and organizational culture reinforcement. It operates in various industries, including human resources, information technology, internet, SaaS, software, and unified communications.

The HR Market

The HR Market provides recruitment and human resource services. They are focused on people-driven solutions to optimize the utilization of human resources.


Referencely offers talent matching through social referrals, revolutionizing the way companies source talent.

Hired By Startups

Founded by Tom Ladds, Hired By Startups provides external talent acquisition solutions to fast-growing start-ups and scale-ups in the UK. They are engaged in various fields, including consulting, delivery, human resources, information technology, internet, and legal.


ASPIRE, founded by Jade Sehbat, Justyna Nowicka, Shamir Jiwa, is developing a non-bias recruitment solution via blockchain. They aim to revolutionize the recruitment industry globally.


Jobseekrs, founded by Jamaal Brathwaite, is the world’s first video interactive job-site designed to mitigate unconscious bias in the recruitment process.

Vitrue Health

The founders of Vitrue Health, Alex Haslehurst and Shane Lowe, are using computer vision technology to assess and treat musculoskeletal issues, providing healthcare and wellness solutions to people experiencing back pain.

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Martin Dangerfield, the founder of talentpuddle, has developed HR tech that uses AI and machine learning to match candidates with job positions based on resumes/CVs across various corporate ATS’s and HR platforms.


KODR.com is an IT job search engine for the UK, providing a comprehensive database for IT professionals seeking jobs across the country.

Careers in Justice

Careers in Justice is the only online Careers Hub that promotes jobs solely within the Justice sector. Their services stretch across various fields, including advertising, event organizing, recruiting and social media, among others.

Ink Idiot

Lastly, Ink Idiot operates in the human resources sector for B2C, B2B, international, and private sectors.

These innovative HR startups in the UK are transforming the landscape of the industry. Their cutting-edge solutions demonstrate the potential of leveraging technology and data analytics in adding value to human resources processes.

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