Which UK Blockchain Startups are Transforming the British Financial Landscape?

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The United Kingdom, particularly England, has seen a rapid increase in Blockchain startups in recent years. Blockchain technology, which allows digital information to be distributed but not copied, is known for supporting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. But a rising number of companies across different sectors have begun utilizing this technology to drive their businesses. Here are 15 intriguing Blockchain startups from England that are worth watching.

One of the interesting aspects of blockchain technology is that it touches so many diverse sectors, from healthcare to real estate and financial industries. This list includes startups that are leveraging blockchain in unique and innovative ways to create new, disruptive technologies and services.

In general, these startups are built around the idea of decentralisation, security, transparency, efficiency and trading. Each one of them demonstrates a distinct application of Blockchain technology, showcasing the vast potential this technology holds.


SPRYT is a fitness and wellness service firm that utilizes blockchain and artificial intelligence. They use machine learning and natural language processing to enhance their services in healthcare and sports.


Founded by Nadya Miteva and Veselin Sidjimov, Paycado is a Fintech Neobank using blockchain to offer affordable and innovative banking services.


ImmVRse, led by Farabi Shayor and Limon Rahman, is a decentralised hybrid VR content distribution platform powered by blockchain and augmented reality technology.


PayBear is a cryptocurrency payment processing company helping merchants accept cryptocurrencies through their transactions.

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Co-founded by Alexander Lozovyuk and Yulia Sporysh, CoinIndex is a crypto derivatives market data platform that applies blockchain technologies.


Led by founder Lila Benhammou, Humans4Help provides IT services and automation consulting underpinned by blockchain technology.

Atlas City Global

Atlas City Global, founded by Darren Oliveiro-Priestnall, is a London-based startup focusing on creating blockchain solutions.


ASPIRE, led by Jade Sehbat, Justyna Nowicka, and Shamir Jiwa, aims to transform the recruitment process via blockchain technology, creating a non-biased recruitment system.


Founded by Stani Kulechov, Aave is an open-source protocol on Ethereum for decentralized lending and borrowing powered by blockchain.


Nodal, founded by Oliver Hibbs-Brockway, uses blockchain technology to revolutionise the recruitment process, leveraging AI and SaaS.


Established by Robert Benwell, LCCX is a London-based crypto currency exchange using the blockchain technology.


Founded by a trio of innovators, Imogen Bunyard, Laura Bailey, and Nick Williamson, Qadre is a cutting-edge tech firm using blockchain in order to modernise financial markets.


Wintermute, led by founders Evgeny Gaevoy, Harro Mantel and Yoann Turpin, is a leading algorithmic trading firm and a significant liquidity provider in digital asset markets, taking advantage of blockchains’ possibilities.


ATLANT, launched by Julian Svirsky, is a real estate platform powered by blockchain, focusing on tokenized ownership and peer-to-peer rentals.

Web3 Labs

Web3 Labs, founded by Conor Svensson, is a provider of a full-stack development and intelligence platform for companies to work with blockchain at high speed and large scale.

In summary, these English startups are embracing blockchain technology, paving the path for various sectors and reinventing how these industries operate. Keep your eyes on these rising stars as they continue to harness the power of blockchain to shape the future of our economy and everyday lives.

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