Which UK Startups Are Revolutionising the Business Information Systems Space?

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Business Information Systems (BIS) startups have been gaining significant attention over the past few years, emerging as some of the fastest-growing and innovative players in the UK business landscape. They are transforming businesses with solutions that range from business development and process automation to CRM and ERP solutions and much more. This article will walk you through fifteen of the most innovative BIS startups in the UK, their unique value proposition, and their contributions to the business industry. These companies are also expanding the opportunities within their respective industries.

Tapping into the power of technology, these startups are reshaping traditional industries with digital solutions, agile processes, and strategic communications. They are making remarkable strides with the combination of innovative business strategies, leading technologies, and entrepreneurial ingenuity. The following are profiles of UK’s leading BIS startups that are redesigning business systems and processes and reaffirming the country’s reputation as a leading global hub for tech innovation.

Whether you are an investor looking for the biggest movers in the business tech scene, an entrepreneur seeking inspiration, or simply curious about the startup landscape in the UK, we invite you to delve into the world these fascinating BIS startups are creating.

Notify Technology

Notify Technology is transforming businesses with their innovative solutions. Founded by Duncan Davies, Notify focuses on integrating Business Information Systems and Information Technology for business development. They are particularly praised for their user-friendly and efficient platforms.

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Gondoli is pioneering the fusion of Business Information Systems and Digital Media. Founded by Stephan Oehen, Gondoli is a web-based travel platform exclusively providing editorially reviewed content in the Media, and Entertainment industry.


The acumen of Dean Robinson resulted in Prospr, an agile consultancy management platform for digital transformation consultancies, built to streamline processes for the Accounting, B2B, Consulting, CRM, and ERP industries.


Facing complex processes head-on are Jake Dowie and Tommy Long, the founders of JDLT. Their company specializes in business systems and process automation, being key players in Consulting, IT Management, and Enterprise Software.


Andrew Richardson founded Troocost, a trailblazer in Energy benchmarking, working to combine Business Information Systems and Energy for more efficient processes and solutions.

Cloud Orca

Cloud Orca functions as a Salesforce CRM consultancy that facilitates successful implementations as well as support packages. They are bringing innovative solutions to the Consulting and Software industry.


Venturing into the realm of Web Development, the creators of Fixed offer website support systems that manage and maintain any website, at any time.

System Building Products

Making a mark in the Addressing construction industry is System Building Products,
specializing in the design, manufacture, and supply of internal and external products and systems.


Modern Human Resources receives a digital upgrade with WorkSmarter, an HR software platform that facilitates Employment and Small and Medium Businesses across the UK.


Pushing the boundaries of digital communication is RoboQuill, offering handwritten notes and letters for businesses using robots, opening a world of possibilities in the Robotics and Email industries.

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ELE Global

ELE Global positions itself as a responsible strategic communications agency that collaborates with professional services firms, creating a unique blend of Marketing and Legal expertise.


Offering comprehensive services in the business advice and consultancy realm is Rockwater. They provide resources for boiler replacement, heating engineers, interlock systems, ventilation, and tightness testing.

Digital GoToMarket Limited

Creating a fusion between AI and business is Digital GoToMarket Limited. Founded by Terry Dawson, it provides a Machine Learning platform to acquire and enrich data, and leads in building and launching digital subscription products.


Revolutionizing communication for businesses is Acefone, a renowned provider of cloud-based communication services.


Ostratto offers a glimpse into the future with its forward-thinking business IT solutions, designed to make work less of a chore for Small and Medium Businesses, ultimately redefining work in the digital era.

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