Who are East Sussex’s Most Influential Software Startups of 2023?

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With technology scaling newer heights of success each day, East Sussex in the United Kingdom is experiencing a boom of innovative startups, particularly in the software industry. This article provides an overview of some of the most interesting and groundbreaking software startups thriving in the region, offering unique solutions with the power to reshape industries and drive growth. From healthcare and consulting to virtual reality and telecommunications – their reach is as diverse as it is comprehensive.

Each startup mentioned in this article has been chosen in consideration of the novelty of their offerings, the technology they harness, and the impact they have been able to generate in their respective sectors. Besides highlighting the unique features of their services or products, the article also shares essential information about the founders who are powering these companies. Their passion and innovative vision are truly inspiring.

So, come along with us, as we explore the bustling world of software startups springing up in the picturesque East Sussex. This vibrant mix of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit is set to scale the boundaries of technology and redefine the future.

Hextransforma Healthcare

Hextransforma Healthcare is helmed by Jean-luc Bressard and is a key player in digital healthcare solutions. Their offerings include telemedicine and digital healthcare solutions for an increasingly connected world in need of healthcare innovation. They are also the brains behind the medical tourism platform, Brit-Med.com.

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Founded by Russ Niles, Russell Miles, and Sylvain Hellegouarch, ChaosIQ is the torchbearer of the Chaos Engineering Open Source Company that transforms the way companies approach software development.


Resilio offers an innovative fusion of artificial intelligence, healthcare, and software. They provide a single portal for expert mental wellbeing information and skills development.


Dokkit serves as a software agency that generates cloud-based O & Ms and H & S digital handover documents for the construction industry, hence revolutionizing document management and preparation.


Under the leadership of Amar Kotak, HOPTApp has developed a unique platform that enables customers to browse menus, order, and pay directly from their mobile phones – a significant conveniency in the current context.


Absentia is a leave management system tailored for modern companies, easing the process of leave management for businesses.


Lucidity, founded by Mike Fahey and Tom Ricca McCarthy, is an information technology service provider company that shows promising growth in the tech landscape of East Sussex.


Noopd is making waves in the e-commerce industry with its extendable optimization and automation platform that guarantees profits by automating campaigns.

Broadlight Global

Broadlight Global, led by Rob Hesketh, offers the future of digital delivery solutions. They also provide consulting and software services.


Paperbell, pioneered by Laura Roeder, is scheduling, selling, client management, and online shop software specifically designed for coaches.

Unusual Technologies

Unusual Technologies is a software development company specializing in virtual and augmented reality, presenting commercial VR and AR projects and games.


SelectedGeeks, helmed by Ali Kosari, Patrick Gireth, and Reza Khashnan, offers end-to-end innovative digital solutions and IT services to individuals and small businesses.

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Naurt, started by Jack Maddalena and Nicolas Slack, provides a plug-and-play toolkit for high-precision, beacon-free tracking that works anywhere in the world, both indoors and outdoors.

Data Pipelines

Data Pipelines is a UK-based, no-code, Big Data processing platform built on Apache Spark, for use with AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure & more.


Callable is a telecommunications company known for providing CPaaS for telecom resellers with a self-service portal, robust APIs, and webRTC.

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