Who Are the Key Players in Hampshire’s Booming Software Startup Scene?

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When it comes to innovative and successful software startups, the county of Hampshire is a standout in the United Kingdom. A breeding ground for new ideas, ingenious solutions, and disruptive technologies, Hampshire boasts a plethora of exciting software companies that are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. From health care to agriculture to finance, these firms cover a vast array of sectors, demonstrating the versatility and impact of software technology. Let’s delve into 15 industry-leading software startups from Hampshire.

BookNow Software

Providing a booking, commerce and operational management solution, BookNow Software is built on Salesforce, the world’s best CRM. Catering to the hospitality and leisure industries, the software assists businesses with successful, streamlined operations.


Lifelight offers a ground-breaking technology that uses any smartphone or tablet device to measure blood pressure, pulse, and breathing rate. Co-founded by Laurence Pearce, this health care software venture aims to make medical devices more accessible and user-friendly.

Jugo Systems

Offering a range of solutions in EPOS software, accounting, online ticketing, and warehouse management, Jugo Systems is a versatile software venture catering primarily to the accounting and IT industries.


Specialising in the protection and reuniting of lost pets, PetScanner offers a unique microchip scanner software to ensure the safety and well-being of pets. The software serves as a crucial tool for pet owners and enthusiasts.


DebugBear is a dependable name in website performance monitoring. The SaaS-based company provides comprehensive and reliable IT solutions to help businesses thrive in the digital era.

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Co-founded by Max Ridd, Krowdkast offers a platform to search, select and cast prospective talent. It simplifies the process for businesses and talent by consolidating all operations in one place.


Penny is a unique online software that enables small businesses to get their invoices paid in 24 hours, irrespective of their payment terms. Established with the aim of streamlining finance and financial services, Penny revolutionizes the FinTech sector.

Paribus 365

Paribus 365 offers a Microsoft Dynamics 365 data quality solution with services like CRM searching and duplicate data management. It is a trusted name in the consulting, IT, and software industry.


AnnounceFly is an innovative platform that helps businesses build what their SaaS users need. The software lets businesses collect, prioritize and implement feedback from users, facilitating productive iterations.

Farming Dynamics

Co-founded by Gopi Manivannan, Farming Dynamics provides software and data science solutions to help agricultural businesses thrive. The company utilizes AI and Machine Learning to enable growers to build and sustain stronger businesses.

Moxi Health

Moxi Health is a revolutionary new corporate health and wellness platform. Co-founded by David Fox, it brings together health care and software technology to promote wellness in the corporate realm.


Fortius provides a comprehensive set of supply chain risk management tools and services. The company’s offerings cover logistics, warehousing, and software solutions to help businesses manage and understand risk in their supply chains.

Yorbl Technologies

Delivering app-based telecare solutions including digital alarm and notification for assisted living, Yorbl Technologies is using software to revolutionize elderly care.

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Yellow Feather

Yellow Feather provides web and mobile software development services across various sectors. Catering to industrial, commercial and public sectors, they are known for their professional services in the IT space.

Six Sevens Solutions

Six Sevens Solutions specializes in agile data solutions. As an IT consultancy firm, they are using software to help businesses optimize their IT solutions in an ever evolving digital landscape.

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