Who are England’s Leading Powerhouses in the 2023 Payments Startups Scene?

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The fintech revolution in the United Kingdom is transforming the way people and businesses manage money. As digital innovation continues to morph traditional banking services, there’s a surge of payments startups offering cutting-edge alternatives to established payment platforms. Let’s delve into an array of such disruptive companies that are amazingly reshaping the payments landscape.

From neobanks to cryptocurrency platforms, these startups are leveraging technology to simplify financial transactions, reduce costs, improve security, and make payments more user-friendly. These solutions not only cater to consumers but also help businesses streamline their payment processes.

In this world of burgeoning fintech, we present to the UK audience an overview of 15 interesting payments startups located in England.


Founded by Nadya Miteva and Veselin Sidjimov, Paycado is an innovative Neobank aiming to provide affordable and progressive banking services. Their industry umbrella sprawls across Apps, Banking, Blockchain, Consumer Lending, Financial Services, FinTech, Insurance, Mobile Payments, Point of Sale, to Wealth Management.


PayBear is a cryptocurrency payment processing company enabling merchants to accept cryptocurrencies in their transactions. It connects the world of conventional and digital currencies and has its roots in the industry of Apps, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Payments.

The Trading Game

The Trading Game offers an exciting and unique simulation game for beginners who want to experiment in Forex, Stocks, and Cryptocurrency without the risk. It blends the gaming platform with education about financial markets, offering a fun way to learn about investing.

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Yordex is an intelligent Spend Management Software and B2B Payment Service. Conceived by Erik De Kroon and Hardeep Nagi, Yordex effectively tracks and automates spend management, making finances crystal clear for businesses.

Velo Payments

Founded by Drew Weinstein, Elliott DeLoach, and John Davies, Velo Payments provides Payout Solutions. The company’s offerings lie in Financial Services, Payments, and the Service Industry.


Paysend is a financial technology platform that empowers any Visa or MasterCard to send and receive money worldwide. Under the insightful leadership of Abdul Abdulkerimov and Ronald Millar, Paysend is revolutionizing cross-border payments.


FLEXDEV INC is an Outsourcing Software Development Company catering to various fields like Consulting, Information Technology, Legal, Mobile Payments, and Software.

Techwisely Ltd

Founded by Faiq Ali Farooqui, Shamail Siddiqui, and Uzair Ahmed Siddiqui, Techwisely Ltd offers the world’s first hands-free counterless checkout solution eliminating the need for queuing. Their innovation is driving changes in Retail Technology, Speech Recognition, Big Data, and Loyalty Programs.

Cyber Covered

Cyber Covered is a web-based insurance company providing cybersecurity, data insurance, claims management, and payment services. It serves a critical demand in the digital world, offering cover for Cyber Security, Insurance, Payments, and Risk Management.


Orbital aims to dissipate the gap between traditional financial services and digital assets. Founders Arun Mohan Raj, Chris Mason, and Luke Wingfield Digby spearhead this drive.


PayQin, founded by Fabrice Amalaman and Pierre-Antoine Sesque, is pioneering to make online payment simple for Africa. Their innovation covers the E-Commerce, Financial Services, FinTech, and Mobile Payments sectors.

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Tymit, an innovative credit company founded by Juan Montalvo Bressi, Martin Magnone, and Nicolas Magnone, offers traditional credit cards and a buy now, pay later service, shaking up the world of credit and personal finance.


Helmed by Clément Bihorel, Lakshminarayanan Rajendran, and Pradeep Kumar Gangatharan, Pluspare simplifies micropayments, opening up potential for new business models and revenue streams.

Pillar Project

Dedicated to managing your digital identity, Pillar Project founded by David Siegel, Michael Messele, and Robert Gaskell, provides an infrastructure to seamlessly transact with the web3 digital economy services.


TRASTRA, led by Roman Potemkin, offers an easy and fast banking solution for cashing out crypto, contributing to the worlds of Banking, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Financial Services, FinTech, and Payments.

In conclusion, these promising startups showcase the diversity of innovations transforming the payments industry in the UK. They collectively bring financial services into the digital age, providing agility, security, and better customer experiences.

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