Who Are Influential Lifestyle Startups Shaping London’s Future in 2023?

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Startups are now shaping the global economy in ways unimaginable. UK’s capital, London, houses some of the most interesting startups, transforming how we approach lifestyle, fashion, design, and sustainability. Let’s discover some of London’s most innovative lifestyle startups, contributing to today’s dynamic economy.

Each of these startups has its unique value proposition and approach to solving existing problems or addressing gaps in the market. Creativity, sustainability, user convenience, high quality, and digital presence are common characteristics shared by these companies.

Through ingenuity and innovative thinking, these startups are revolutionising the way we approach our daily lives. Here are 15 striking lifestyle startups based in London that you should know about:


Yodomo is a unique startup revolutionizing crafting activities. Co-founded by Sophie Rochester, it combines e-learning, recycling, and sustainability. Yodomo encourages an understanding of reusing materials and emphasizes crafting for wellbeing.


Opumo, a multimedia company at the cutting edge of the global design industry, is convoluting the E-commerce, fashion, and retail industries. The company was founded by Harry Beattie and Nick Ayoub.


A social platform started by Dom Barker, John White, and Natalie White, Birda encourages people to connect with nature and find their flock. Birda operates in the information technology, lifestyle, and social media space.

Save Your Wardrobe

Save Your Wardrobe is the go-to app for post-purchase clothing care and repair. Founded by Hasna Kourda and Mehdi Doghri, it brings a circular digital platform using technology to streamline the post-purchase experience.

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Osman Perfect 5 Limited

Embodying high fashion and luxury retail in the heart of London is Osman Perfect 5 Limited. This fashion and luxury Atelier is a unique standout in the fashion industry.

Motley London

In the digital age, Motley London transforms Jewellery design. Founded by Cecily Motley and Ilana Lever, Motley offers a revolutionary shopping experience with pieces designed by the world’s best jewellery designers.


With an innovative approach to wardrobe management, HURR founded by Matthew Geleta and Victoria Prew is changing the way we think about fashion rental.

Rest Less

Social impact business, Rest Less, co-founded by Sara Stephens, is a platform dedicated to supporting people over 50 to access a variety of resources.

Casablanca Paris

A brainchild of Charaf Tajer, Casablanca Paris offers exclusive men’s and women’s fashion pieces internationally.

Noise Media

Noise Media is a social-first media agency founded by Anthony Goldman and Joseph Levi. The company is scaling brands to new heights through strategic social media marketing.

Maison Flâneur

Lifestyle homeware marketplace Maison Flâneur founded by Dionas Sotiriou and Gabriel Moukhbat immerses its customers into an experiential journey through e-commerce, home decor, and travel.

LGH Hotel Management

LGH Hotel Management is leading the way in hotel management by transforming the hospitality industry.

The Bike Magazine

The Bike Magazine, founded by Sam Enrico Williams, provides original, compelling stories and high-quality photos about mountain biking.

Chewie Cat UK

Chewie Cat UK brings a range of stylish teething necklaces for modern parents and silicone teething rings for babies in a consumer-friendly, e-commerce platform.

Swell Magazine

Swell Magazine, Established and operated by Sam Enrico Williams, is known for its captivating stories, high-quality photography, and celebrity features.

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Having journeyed through these intriguing startups, it’s evident that London is a powerhouse of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. It continues to shape and influence the global lifestyle sector, proving that London remains a significant hub for startup growth and development.

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