Who are England’s Most Influential Commercial Real Estate Startups?

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Over the past decade, the UK has witnessed a surge in Real Estate startups that leverage nascent technological advancements to transform traditional real estate practices. These startups enrich the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) landscape by providing novel services that range from digitized interior design to autonomous estate management. This article introduces and discusses 15 promising startups that are redefining the industry with their unique business models and innovative services.

While some specialize in facilitating property search and negotiations, others employ AI and machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics to assist estate developers and managers. In addition, some startups offer consultative services to institutional investors and property developers, allowing comprehensive management of real estate properties. These firms foster sustainable growth in the real estate industry by improving efficiency and minimizing risk.

Their innovative approaches provide both residential and commercial real estate businesses the opportunity to optimize their processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately attain higher profits. The companies on this list have managed to bring about a paradigm shift in the UK’s real estate market with their groundbreaking strategies and frameworks. Let’s delve into their individual profiles to gain a comprehensive understanding of their operations and offerings.


Moveli is a real estate tech platform that offers estate agents and brokers the opportunity to work independently. Through this platform, users can apply their market knowledge to obtain maximum profitability.

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Lendhaus specializes in sourcing the best commercial property finance deals for borrowers and lenders. Lendhaus offers a platform where users can compare deals from multiple lenders to make informed decisions.


Aprao is revolutionizing the real estate industry with its state-of-the-art software. The B2B SaaS company is widely recognized for its contributions in property development, investment, and construction.

Apex Housing Group

Apex Housing Group is well-known for providing social housing solutions and superior property management services.


Starz is a commercial real estate lender that focuses on mid-market loans. It also offers consultancy on real estate investments.

WREX (World Real Estate Xchange)

WREX aims to globalize and digitalize residential and commercial businesses across the world using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


Uncoded provides support and guidance in design execution for commercial real estate developers. The firm specializes in assistive technology.


JT3 is an interior design company that offers design and building services for commercial interior projects.

QuoinStone Group

QuoinStone Group facilitates strategy-driven property investment as an asset manager and provides commercial real estate advice.

Cafe Ventures

Cafe Ventures is a specialist B2B broker in the food and beverage market offering commercial real estate services.


TAB offers short-term bridging loans for property projects, creating a financial buffer for developers during transitional periods.


Dioptra is a PropTech firm that provides robust investment analytics for institutional real estate funds.


Kitt is a full-service office platform that designs, fits out, and manages office space for businesses.

Oru Space

Oru Space is a lifestyle workspace that also includes a cafe, wellness, and retail space.

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A/O PropTech

A/O PropTech is Europe’s largest PropTech VC firm investing in firms that are transforming the real estate industry with technology.

In conclusion, these startups represent a small section of the thriving CRE scene in the UK. Armed with innovation, they are reshaping the real estate industry, making it more efficient, profitable and sustainable for all stakeholders involved.

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