Who are London’s Most Influential Social Media Startups in 2023?

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London has been the home to a number of intriguing startups and companies in the social media space. Known as one of the most dynamic global hubs for technology and innovation, the UK capital city is teeming with creative, entrepreneurial minds that are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the business world. In this feature, we shed light on fifteen such social media startups that are making their mark in the digital landscape.

The digital industry has witnessed an explosion of startup activity in the recent past, with social media startups emerging as significant contributors. Today, these organisations are leveraging the power of social media networks to offer unique solutions to consumers and businesses alike. From AI-powered content understanding companies to location-based social networking platforms, our list encompasses a variety of startups stimulating growth and innovation in London.

Let’s delve deeper to understand what makes these startups tick, their industries, founders and how they are transforming the way we perceive and interact with the social media landscape.

PRCO Studio

PRCO Studio is a creative digital marketing firm originating from PRCO, the international communication juggernaut. They make a splash in the domains of Advertising, Event Management, Marketing and Social Media.


Factmata is a startup enhancing automated content understanding via artificial intelligence. Founded by Andreas Vlachos, Dhruv Ghulati and Sebastian Riedel, Factmata offers solutions in Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Brand Marketing, Machine Learning, News, Public Relations, SaaS, and Social Media Marketing.

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Nappsis has developed a mobile app operating in the niche of Location Based Services and Social Media.

Blossom Web Studio

Blossom Web Studio is an international Growth Marketing Agency and Web Design Company founded by Divya Singh. The company operates in Advertising, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Web Design and Web Development.


SonicJobs powered by Francesca Boccolini, Francesco Masia and Mikhil Raja, is revolutionising the job search and application process through its Employment, Mobile, Recruiting, and Social Media solutions.


Birda a social media company founded by Dom Barker, John White and Natalie White, helps users connect with nature and find their flock. They operate in Information Technology, Internet, Lifestyle, Social Media, and Social Networking spaces.


HelpfulCrowd brings together user-generated content for businesses, offering a collection, curation and marketing platform. They provide solutions in Content, E-commerce, Marketing, SaaS and Social Media Marketing.

Level Tickets Limited

Level Tickets Limited serves as an Online Ticketing Platform. They facilitate services in E-Commerce, Event Promotion, Marketing, and Social Media.


Adwaiz stands as a Creative Communications Agency offering Creative Content, Social Media Management, Influencer Marketing, Paid Media, Digital Design and PR services. It was started by Patrick Smith.

Sentiment Search

Sentiment Search run by Prithvi Dhanda, offers the next generation of review insights for the restaurant sector. They serve in the spaces of Analytics, Hospitality, Restaurants, and Social Media.


SendPilot provides white-label social media management software that enables agencies to share, discover & promote client content. Their work zone includes Content Discovery, Content Marketing, SaaS, Social Media Management, and Social Media Marketing.

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Shock, introduced by Bartosz Wawrzyniak and Patryk Nawrocki, is a location-based photo-sharing app that allows users to meet new people globally. They work in App Development, Content, Messaging, Mobile Apps, Photo Sharing, Photography, Social Media, and Video production.

Hello Daisy

Hello Daisy pioneered by David Mark, is a private social media platform and an internet-enabling device using televisions. They provide services in the Fitness, Health Care, Internet, Social Media, and Social Networking sectors.

E3 Media

E3 Media is a digital marketing agency offering their services in the Advertising, Digital Media, Media and Entertainment, and Social Media sectors.


Gondoli is a web-based travel platform providing editorially reviewed content. Founded by Stephan Oehen, the company operates in Business Information Systems, Digital Marketing, Digital Media, Media and Entertainment, Social Media, and Travel.

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