Who are England’s Top Influential Computer Vision Startups in 2023?

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Computer Vision, an aspect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables computers to understand and label images, is revolutionising many industries. From facial recognition on our smartphones to automatic tagging of images on social media, the technology is rapidly becoming ubiquitous. Nowhere is this more evident than in the UK, which has become a hotbed for startups in this sector. In this article, we explore 15 interesting Computer Vision startups and companies based in England.

Whether it’s the development of 3D technology and data analytics or the introduction of new platforms for smart cities and healthcare, these startups are at the forefront of Computer Vision innovation. So without further ado, let’s explore these exciting companies shaping the future of AI in the UK.

Please note: this list is not exhaustive and there are many other innovative Computer Vision startups across the UK. However, it aims to give a snapshot of some of the most interesting companies making waves in the sector.


Correvate was founded by Dr David Selviah and Roger Maran with a mission to commercialise point cloud processing technology (Vercator) that emerged from UCL. The London-based startup operates within various sectors, including 3D Technology, Big Data, Civil Engineering, Cloud Computing, Cloud Data Services, Computer, Computer Vision, Construction, and Geospatial.

Machine Medicine Technologies

Machine Medicine Technologies is working on building an OS for neuromodulation and other precision neurotherapeutics. Co-founded by Georgiana Petria and Jonathan O’Keeffe, they’re harnessing AI, Computer Vision, Health Care, Machine Learning, and Software Engineering to revolutionise the healthcare industry.

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GoodVision, backed by industry veterans Daniel Stofan and Lukas Hruby, is an advanced traffic analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence.

Deep Innovations

The platform provided by Deep Innovations, known as ScoutX, facilitates complex real-time Computer Vision at scale. Co-founded by Sam Weitzman, this startup operates in various sectors, such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Software.


FlowX integrates with city authorities’ existing CCTV network to provide superior transport data. Founded by pioneers Kylan Gibbs and Richard Cartwright, FlowX innovatively applies Computer Vision to realities of urban life.


Skyscape, conceived by Brandon Bell and Damian Kysely, aims to monetize underutilized rooftop spaces through analytics and online marketplace.


Aircut, founded by Jacopo Ranalli, is revolutionising the beauty industry with an augmented hairdressing experience via its app.


Founders Matthew Klimpke, Stephan Klimpke, and Thibault Marion de Procé are leveraging 3D, AR, & Computer Vision technologies at Vyking to enable virtual fashion try-ons.


SKY ENGINE AI, initiated by Bartek Wlodarczyk and Jakub Pietrzak, offers a Data Cloud to parallelize computation for Deep Learning in Vision AI and the Metaverse.


Contilio offers a 3D AI construction analytics platform to provide real-time actionable intelligence, spearheaded by Zara Riahi.

Shapes AI

With Shapes AI, founder Seena Rejal combines computer vision with machine learning and AI to achieve human-like reasoning.

The Multiplayer Group

The Multiplayer Group is a video game development company applying computer vision, gaming, graphic design, professional networking, and software to produce advanced gaming experiences.

Artos Systems

Artos Systems, founded by Alan Vey and Annika Monari, builds blockchain expertise within businesses by bridging them to blockchain through their platform.

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NativeLOOK is a Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence IoT (AIoT) Tech founded by Dan Grois, combining AI, blockchain, computer vision, IoT, iOS, and software to create something unique.


4dface, founded by Patrik Huber, is a creative startup producing 3D face models & personal 3D face avatars for professional applications.

In conclusion, the UK is a thriving hub for Computer Vision startups with innovators utilising this technology across varied industries; from construction to fashion, healthcare to transport. We look forward to seeing how these companies develop and how they will further expedite the AI evolution.

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