Who are England’s Top Influential Video Streaming Startups in 2023?

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In the evolving world of digital entertainment, UK startups are arising with groundbreaking video streaming concepts. Beyond consuming traditional entertainment content, consumers are now switching to digital platforms. Short films, content streaming, B2B video services, virtual reality streams, all these sectors are gaining popularity in the UK and globally. Here is a list of the top 15 exciting video streaming startups from England that are taking the industry by storm.

These varied startups are utilizing the power of video streaming and software innovation to provide unique experiences for consumers. From APPs focusing on wellness to companies making strides in the global Muslim market, these startups are a testament to the diversification of the video streaming landscape embodying unique concepts and customer-centred services. Let’s delve into these companies, understanding what they offer, the sectors they serve, and who is behind these innovative ideas.

These startups are not only transforming the video industry but also blending various industries like Health Care, Cryptocurrency, Social Media, Art, Gaming, and many more. The possibilities for creating and sharing video are becoming more versatile and accessible due to these innovative startups.

Discover Film

Discover Film is not just a platform for short videos but a wellness app fulfilling mental health requirements along with providing entertainment. The technology platform is a venture by Sarah Jane Thomson and Steve Harmston.

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Cudo Ventures

With sustainability at its core, Cudo Ventures provide Tech4Good monetisation software and cloud computing services in an impressive count of over 145 countries. The notable startup was founded by Matt Hawkins.

TaTaTu Enterprises

TaTaTu Enterprises is shaping the video stream industry with the amalgamation of blockchain technology. Started by Andrea Iervolino, the company is pioneering in the blockchain video sector.

Uneek Media

Uneek Media, a creative agency, specializes in video production, streaming, branding, translation, and copywriting. It perfectly combines technical expertise with creativity.


BEABACKER is a dedicated platform for crowdfunding content creators. Lead by Luke Stephenson, it aims to empower and financially support content creators.

Miraj Stories

Miraj Stories caters to the global Muslim audience by providing healthy Halal screen time to kids. The creative enterprise is the brainchild of Adiba Ataeva.

Minute Shorts

Providing customized experience based on the viewer’s available time, Minute Shorts is a unique video streaming platform. Started by Janvier Wete and Julian Vifor, it targets the busy but proactive audience.

Purely Capital

Financially aiding media producers, rights owners, and similar profiles in the industry, Purely Capital is a media and entertainment financing company founded by Elaine Godfrey and Wayne Marc Godfrey.


Making video a delightful game, yord, the Gen-Z social network, takes on video streaming artfully. The venture was started by Dmitry Kochergin and Kirill Mannyanov.


Connecting creators to audiences directly, paus helps creators get paid through micropayments. The video sharing platform was brought into existence by Rishi Kapoor.

Noor Play

Providing streaming services for TV shows, movies, and kids shows, NoorPlay is an emerging broadcasting company in the realm of video streaming.

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Video Outreach

Providing dashboard reporting, B2B sales appointments, and CRM integration services, Video Outreach is aiding businesses in managing their operations with the power of video.

London Filmed

Bringing together technology and creativity, London Filmed operates as an event-tech company. Founded by Nicholas Forster and Thomas Mahon, the company is revolutionising how events are managed and interacted with.

Global Captive Podcast

Influencing the podcast stream scenario, Global Captive Podcast aims to provide expert insight into the global captive market. The revolutionary stream was started by Richard Cutcher.


Under the leadership of Alex Kane, Mitchell Bayer-Goldman, and Will Dixon, Volta brings a new dimension to video streaming with its XR creation platform that enables artists to design and broadcast experiences.

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