Who are UK’s Pioneering Real Estate Investment Startups in 2023?

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The United Kingdom, with its strong economy and dynamic real estate market, is attracting a surplus of startups that are dynamic and pioneering in the field of Real Estate Investment. These companies are disrupting the real estate landscape through innovative business models, the integration of advanced technology and revitalised approaches to customer service and engagement. In this piece, we investigate 15 promising Real Estate Investment Startups located in England, United Kingdom.

These startups have not only caught the eye of investors and customers but are also creating noteworthy waves within the industry, laying the groundwork for future industry standards and shaping the landscape of the real estate market in the process. These companies vary in their specialized niches, from digital mortgages to advanced real estate software to blockchain-powered property markets.

Here, we showcase these startups’ unique offerings, present a brief account of their business model and spotlight their respective industry niches. Each of these startups trails the blaze for the next generation of real estate innovation and investment, thus serving as a testament to the massive potential of the UK’s real estate investment industry.


Hypomo is a Metaverse company stepping into the future of real estate, digitizing the sector with Digital Mortgages and Real Estate services. Founded by Mark Flores Martin and Monika Bereczova, the company operates in the Financial Services, FinTech, Real Estate and Real Estate Investment realms.

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Bridgewater Properties

Established by Mohammed Ismail, Bridgewater Properties specializes in the Luxury Real Estate Investment market, exemplifying elegance and grandeur in all their property offerings.


Aprao, co-founded by Daniel Norman and Jonathan Raoult, is pioneering change in the real estate industry with its groundbreaking, business-oriented software. Balancing sectors of Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Property Development, Real Estate, Real Estate Investment, SaaS, and software, Aprao aims to revolutionize the ways in which we engage with property markets.


Oparo, a startup with its eyes on the Big Data, IT, Real Estate, and Real Estate Investment industries, stands as a formidable player in real estate investment.

URECO Property

One cannot talk about Real Estate Investment startups without mentioning URECO Property. Co-founded by Edward Batchelor and Philip Goodman, URECO blends years of expertise in construction and investment to provide unique and reliable real estate investment opportunities.

Tokoro Capital

Focusing on Asset Management, Real Estate, and Real Estate Investment, Tokoro Capital is carving out a niche in real estate investment management.

The Alfa Group

The Alfa Group provides comprehensive services including asset management, real estate investment, and construction services. The firm is a versatile player in the sectors of Asset Management, Construction, Financial Services, and Real Estate Investment.

Garland Investment

Adept in fields such as Consulting, Finance, Financial Services, Property Management, and Real Estate Investment, Garland Investment brings to the table property investment and management solutions integrated with training & consulting services.

Vandermolen Real Estate

Founded by Jonathan Vandermolen, Vandermolen Real Estate provides specialized land and investment property services, marking its journey in the Real Estate, Real Estate Investment, and Residential sectors.

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Catering to Commercial Real Estate, Financial Services, Property Development, Real Estate, and Real Estate Investment industries, TAB offers short-term bridging loans for property projects. The firm owes its founding to entrepreneur Duncan Kreeger.

Brickchain Investments Ltd

Francesco Impari founded Brickchain Investments with a focus on enhancing the liquidity of the real estate market via blockchain technology. The company works in the spheres of Blockchain, FinTech, and Real Estate Investment.


Founded by Aljoša Domijan and Damir Ibrahimagic Kopinic, G PLUS QUANT connects investors with startups. Operating in Angel Investment, Consulting, Real Estate Investment, and Venture Capital sectors, the firm facilitates significant investment connections.

Oru Space

Oru Space offers a lifestyle workspace, cafe, wellness & retail space. An all-rounder in sectors such as Art, Commercial Real Estate, Coworking, Health Care, Hospitality, Real Estate, Real Estate Investment, Retail, and Wellness, Oru Space seeks to bring work closer to home by regenerating and operating high street buildings.


Founded by Jacobo Guerra, CleverInvest is a private investment company that specializes in long-term value investing. The firm operates in industries like Angel Investment, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Incubators, Mobile Payments, Payments, Real Estate Investment, and Venture Capital.

SIF Ventures UK

SIF Ventures UK, founded by Ferda Kert, is an Early Stage Web3 VC focusing on Angel Investment, Blockchain, Real Estate Investment, and Venture Capital. The firm demonstrates the continually intertwining relationship between technology and investment, most notably in the real estate field.

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