Who Are Kent’s Most Influential Marketing Startups Changing the Scene?

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UKT.news is thrilled to bring you this specially curated list of novel and exciting marketing startups based in Kent, United Kingdom. These emerging ventures are pushing the boundaries, using cutting-edge technology and unique strategies to offer a range of services that are enhancing the marketing sector. Whether they specialize in e-commerce, digital media, video advertising, or social media marketing, they share a common goal of providing innovative solutions for their clients that align with the fast-paced, ever-changing digital world.

The startups featured below were handpicked due to their distinctive offerings, dedication to their fields, and potential to shape the marketing landscape. They exemplify the ingenuity, creativity, and determination that is characteristic of Kent’s startup scene. From an online video maker to an artificial intelligence software provider, their services are diverse, targeted, and impactful.

This article is designed to serve as a resource to potential investors, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, and anyone else who is interested in industry advancements. Bear in mind that while we provide a high-level synopsis and founders’ information (where available), we encourage readers to visit the respective websites linked to gain a comprehensive understanding of each startup and how they can provide value to different stakeholders.


Shoppable sets the trend through its remarkable investments in technology, marketing, consulting, and data gathering fields. Founded by Joe Todd and Terry McGinnis, Shoppable prides itself in being a key player in the e-commerce and marketing industry.

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Kent Lifestyle Magazine

A clear standout in the Advertising, Events, Lifestyle, and Marketing sector, Kent Lifestyle Magazine has made a mark as a reliable Magazine Publisher, Advertising Agency, Publisher, and a major source of Newspapers & Magazines.


With the mission to make professional video creation accessible and convenient, vidbuild founded by Steven Lloyd-Barlow, is a path-breaking platform that offers a myriad of services in the marketing industry.


Sherimedia established by Dan Sheridan, revolutionizes social media marketing, offering services such as content strategy, media analytics, web hosting and design and event management.

Crane Interactive

Crane Interactive is at the forefront of web development, helping businesses gain customers through the creation of websites, apps, and tools.

Prudent Digital

Prudent Digital is a tech-savvy company offering cutting-edge information technology and digital marketing services to diverse clientele.

Bug Bear Marketing

Hosting an array of services such as advertising, content marketing, and social media, Bug Bear Marketing is paving the way as a game-changer in the digital marketing arena.

Identity Digital

Identity Digital garners notable attention as an influencer in the Marketing Agency – MCN. Their services extend to digital media, social media management and social media marketing.


As a digital energy expert, Xonetic brings to the table its cloud-based platform that enhances the field of marketing and information technology.

Go Paperless

Marking innovation in technology, Go Paperless stands as an IT company providing business solutions such as business cards, digital CVs, and contactless marketing platform solutions.


MyOutreach, founded by Ryan Young, specializes in content syndication, digital marketing, and lead generation for B2B tech vendors.

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Think Little Big Marketing Ltd

Think Little Big Marketing Ltd, led by Kaz Driver, is a digital marketing agency with a strong commitment to enhancing advertising efficiency.

Canterbury Ai

Co-founded by Bing Tian and Wesley Baker, Canterbury Ai leverages artificial intelligence to provide solutions for social media scheduling and posting.

House Deals

House Deals, founded by Antony Searle, Joe Todd, and Kris Searle secures mortgages for potential house deals, combining real estate investments with marketing strategies.

Tania Peitzker

Tania Peitzker, an Applied AI consultant, author and digital marketer provides consultancy in several areas of focus including brand marketing, business development, and e-commerce.

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