Who Are the Most Influential UK Cosmetics Startups in 2023?

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The UK cosmetic industry is thriving and growing at an unprecedented rate, with a plethora of innovative and diverse startups making a name for themselves. They are tapping into new markets and setting trends in the beauty and wellness industry. Below, we explore some of the most interesting and impactful startups that are helping to shape the future of UK cosmetics.

From biodegradable glitter and allergen-neutral skincare, to inclusive haircare and cosmeceuticals—the range and breadth of cosmetic innovation is staggering. These British startups not only support sustainable and inclusive beauty practices, but also champion new approaches to skincare and wellness. They are revitalising the cosmetic scene with their inventive and forward-thinking ethos.

Looking deeper into the contemporary UK cosmetic market, we discover startups that are mindful of environmental and social responsibility, prioritising organic and clean ingredients, and supporting overall skin and hair health. Here are 15 exciting and distinctive UK cosmetic startups that are significant players in this accelerating industry.


EcoStardust is a pioneer in the cosmetics and e-commerce industry, offering an eco-friendly alternative with their biodegradable glitter. Committed to protecting the Earth, they are leading the way with sustainable beauty.

The Wild Curl

The Wild Curl is a startup founded by Vanessa Martins Lopes and Albert Abello Lozano which empowers women to embrace their natural hair. Through their diverse range of products, they are challenging societal beauty standards with an inclusive approach.

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Oodee is led by Victoria Tydeman and Karen Harwood. They specialise in allergen-neutral skincare—a next-generation approach to clean beauty. Its range of consumer goods promotes healthy and mindful skincare regimens.


WE ARE PARADOXX, founded by Yolanda Cooper, is a socially responsible haircare brand. With an emphasis on environmental priority, this brand uses sustainable methods in creating its innovative haircare solutions.


OTO is a leading skin care company that manufactures CBD-based products. Co-founded by Gemma Colao, the company develops and markets skincare, wellness oils, and beverages that enhance cosmetics and wellness.


dermoi! is a cosmeceutical brand providing homecare products, skin analysis, skincare advice, and treatments. They focus on offering personalized and effective skincare solutions.

Sports HAI

Founded by Grace de Alvaro, Sports HAI is a cosmetics company that designs makeup for health-oriented, active individuals. Targeting both men and women, it’s the first of its kind, pushing boundaries and norms of beauty and activity.


Cosmetify is an e-commerce platform that provides its customers with a comprehensive collection of beauty products, from hair care and makeup to skincare, nails, and fragrances. Cosmetify keeps its consumers in tune with the latest beauty trends.

Copycat Fragrances

Copycat Fragrances is a UK retail company, offering a wide range of classic scents and light sporty perfumes for both men and women. Taking inspiration from high-end fragrances, Copycat Fragrances makes desirable scents accessible to all.

The Kind Planet Company

The environmentally conscious The Kind Planet Company is making waves in the skincare industry with its vegan range of products. Founded by Kevin Godlington, they utilize the beneficial properties of Red Palm as their key ingredient.

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Insignia London

Insignia London is an e-commerce store specializing in organic skincare products. From anti-aging solutions to everyday essentials, they promise to provide natural and effective skincare solutions.

Be For Innovation

Be For Innovation is a beauty brand that doubles as a product development agency. Placing innovation at the forefront, they guide beauty entrepreneurs in successfully launching their own cosmetic lines.

Clockface Beauty

Clockface Beauty, lead by Sarah Thomas, offers a 100% natural, organic, and vegan skincare range. Committed to clean beauty, Clockface ensures their products are both effective and environmentally responsible.


myGemma is a one-stop destination for fashion and beauty enthusiasts. This retail company offers a wide variety of jewelry, watches, bags, sneakers, and cosmetics to meet all your style needs.


Saltee is a manufacturing company that provides a unique and diverse range of skincare essentials, such as sunscreen creams, cosmetics, serums, and body lotions. Their high-quality, effective products aim to protect, nourish, and enhance your skin’s health.

These 15 startups are proof that the UK cosmetics industry is thriving and innovating. From sustainable beauty and diversity inclusion to personalized skincare solutions, these companies are worth keeping on your radar.

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