Who are London’s Most Influential Consumer Lending Startups in 2023?

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London, England’s vibrant startup scene has been growing quite rapidly in recent years, with the consumer lending and FinTech sectors emerging as a particular area of interest and innovation. Several start-ups in this sector have different ways of addressing the challenge of providing finance to consumers. This article aims to introduce some of these unique startups in the sector that are helping to shape London’s FinTech landscape.

From apps offering income smoothing services to apps specializing in development finance and commercial mortgage services, these startups are utilizing technology to revolutionize consumer lending. These startups are making strides and setting trends, offering solutions not only in the United Kingdom, but also globally.

Below are examples of start-ups au fait with using disruptive technology to augment the consumer lending experience and make it more viable for customers, while ensuring relevance in a contemporary, fast-paced world.


Paycado is a new FinTech Neobank seeking to provide innovative and affordable banking services. Paycado was founded by tech-savvy enthusiasts Nadya Miteva and Veselin Sidjimov, and operates in multiple sectors, including Apps, Banking, Blockchain, Consumer Lending, Financial Services, and more.


SteadyPay is an innovative income smoothing app for the modern economy. Co-founded by John Downie and Oleg Mukhanov, SteadyPay operates within realms such as Apps, Consumer Lending, Credit, Employee Benefits, and more.


Pave, co-founded by Chris Butcher and Sho Sugihara, provides a proper path to good credit. They are part of the FinTech revolution in Consumer Lending, Credit Cards, Finance, and other related sectors.

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Paysme, a fintech app for SMEs, was founded by Derek Stewart. Its industry footprints include Consumer Goods, Consumer Lending, and Financial Services.

Claim Capital

Claim Capital provides credit claiming, HMRC enquiry support, and technical reporting services for small and medium-sized enterprises, operating within sectors such as Consumer Lending, Credit, and Financial Services.


Funds4Talents, is a venue providing Income-Contingent Student Loans. It was co-founded by Christopher Muelhausen, Marcus Feistl, and Rajbir Nirwan.


Backbone, coined as “credit as a service”, was started by Ron Shteinberg. It is transforming the worlds of Commercial Lending, Consumer Lending, Credit, Financial Services amongst others.


Knoma provides a payment solution and marketplace for lifelong learning. Founded by Brett Shanley, they operate within sectors such as Banking, Consumer Lending, Credit, FinTech, and many more.


Keebo, the brainchild of founders Matthew Hallett and Michael Vanaselja, sells itself as the credit card to start building credit and the go-get category.


Wollit proudly claims to offer the UK’s most powerful financial membership. Founded by Liad Shababo, it operates within the Consumer Lending, Financial Services, and FinTech sectors.

Silver Oak Capital

Silver Oak Capital, a company that specializes in development finance and commercial mortgage services was started by Jimmy Baillie.


BOMADU, a home deposit finance platform was founded by Abi Elohim.


JO1N, a financial technology company, offers SMEs a complete solution for Point-of-Sale Financing from multiple lenders.


Abound was founded by Dr Michelle He and Gerald Chappell, it changes the narrative on loans, making it more about the customer rather than just about the credit score.

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Plend, a company working on building a better way for consumers to borrow where they’re not held back by credit history was co-founded by James Pursaill and Robert Pasco.

In conclusion, these startups exemplify the innovation in London’s consumer lending and fintech scene, consistently offering groundbreaking solutions that adapt to the changing landscape of the modern economy. Through their unique approach, they are redefining how finance is viewed and accessed, making it more consumer-centric than ever before.

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